#MeToo movement dead?

#MeToo movement ignores Biden! WHY? Hey Democrat ladies! Is it clear to you now that Democrats really don’t care about women?!? AND… If the FBI can lie and set up a war hero like Gen Flynn, does the average person stand a chance?

Nancy Pelosi goes ALL IN for Joe Biden

Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton go all in for Joe Biden for President. AND… Why do blacks continue to back Democrats who continually tell them they are too stupid to make it on their own? AND… Democrat treatment of Kavanaugh v. Biden sexual assault claims. AND… How do Christians vote for a bill/laws that go 180 degrees against God’s law?

California wants a $1 trillion bail out!

Will Joe Biden’s accusers be “believed” or even heard? AND… Should we bail out California and New York? AND… Steve Frank, Senior Contributing Editor of California Political Review, says, Gov Newsom is running amok and has implemented 29 Executive Orders (so far). Can we save California? Steve thinks we can! Demonstrations are starting that look like the TEA Party movement.

Talking today’s issues! Coronavirus abounds!

President Trump calls for a National Day of Prayer on Sunday because of the Coronavirus crisis. Meanwhile, California is prohibiting churches from meeting with over 250 people. AND… CPAC 2020 interviews: Tom and Deneen Borelli say Democrats care more about protecting immigrants here illegally than the constituents who’ve hired them. AND… Morgan Zegers, from Young Americans Against Socialism, answers, what makes young people think they actually WANT socialism? 70% of young people will say they want socialism

Just HOW deep does the Biden Family corruption run?!?

HOW many millions of dollars in contracts have flowed to Joe Biden’s family because of his political connections? AND… CPAC 2020 interview with Alison Centofante, LiveAction, who says, Christians need to condemn the procedure, but not the woman. AND… Jim Bakker under fire from Missouri AG, the New York AG, and the FDA for Coronavirus ‘cure’ claims.

Now… abortion providers are ‘superheroes’?

Pro-choice organizations celebrate abortion providers as ‘superheroes’. AND… Abortion supporters chant ‘Hail Satan’ while Pro-Life supporters sing ‘Amazing Grace’. AND… Transgender sues for pain and suffering saying if they had been “challenged” during counseling as a teen before transitioning they would have been spared.

State of the Union Wrap Up!

POTUS, Trump, Joint Session of Congress, 02/28/17, WhiteHouse.gov

State of the Union wrap up with Stacy on the Right Show who says, the biggest takeaways from SOTU… lowest unemployment, USMCA, tariffs, etc. It was a rockin’ rippin’ good speech. AND… Are we to believe that these women (who performed at the Super Bowl) want to be judged by their intellect while they’re dancing around a stripper pole? And it’s MEN who are objectifying THEM?!? AND… Recapping the Democrat response to SOTU. Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer closed with God bless America. Does she not realize her Party threw God out of their platform?

The US Boy Crisis! Are Boys being left behind?

Bloomberg said on Sunday: Sometimes government does know best… “there are certain times we should infringe on your freedom.” AND… Dr. Warren Farrell, co-author of The Boy Crisis, explains why boys are being left behind in education and society. There’s enormous shame in being a boy today because of the way our society has changed. Historically, men were trained to be willing to die protecting women and children. We don’t encourage that mindset anymore.

Comply or be cancelled!

Xander Gibb

Failure to pander to liberal ideology subjects you to the cancel culture. With Xander Gibb, athor and talk show host talks cancel culture, gender studies, women, media bias, emotional support animals, and MEGXIT.

Joe’s talking today’s HOTTEST issues!

Lots of topics tonite… Illegals voting? Americans want abortion restrictions. 2020 Election security threats increasing. Voter Faud. Smartphone voting. Impeachment. Call for Day of Prayer.

Should the BIBLE be used as a Ballot Guide?

Pastor David Hegg

President Trump will be the FIRST sitting president to attend the March for Life. Christians may not be looking for a “Pastor and Chief,” but shouldn’t we use Biblical principles to cast our votes and be our voter guide? With Pastor David Hegg, from Grace Baptist Church.

Trending HOT Twitter Stories!

What kind of parents bring their children to the Women’s March to chant “F*** Trump”?!? AND… Did you hear? AG Barr indicted 8 people for illegally funneling money to Adam Schiff.

The dual impeachment standard is STUNNING!

Pacific Justice Institute’s (PJI) founder Brad Dacus discusses the Women’s March, abortion, SCOTUS, impeachment, parental rights, the Virgina 2nd Amendment Rally, religious freedom, separation of church and state, and MORE!