Doug’s Rant – Did Trump Blow his legacy?

President Trump messed up big time and there no way else to spin it. Sadly, his accomplishments are being washed away in a sea of negativity by his carless and miscalculated words

Students support Biden… but don’t know why!

Dr. Marc Lamont Hill makes racist joke about Tom Hanks, his wife, and Coronavirus. AND… Students supporting Biden are shocked by compilation video of him with women and girls. AND… Gun sales spike in California’s Asian communities in Southern California over Coronavirus scare. AND… Why did Utah lawmakers oppose women receiving an ultrasound before an abortion?

Sure they don’t want our guns… Check out Virginia!

Virginia Gov. Northam wants everyone to believe that the people fighting to keep their 2nd Amendment rights are violent white nationalists, so he’s declaring a “state of emergency”. With special guest, Alfonzo Rachel talking impeachment, Nancy Pelosi, online shadow banning of conservatives, Christians, our Constitutional rights, and more current events. Zo says, Jesus Christ is the original Freedom from Religion Foundation.

Baltimore starts the year off with a BANG! Several… LITERALLY!

Kimberly Morin, Gun Range

HOW many people were killed this weekend in Baltimore?!? Conservative independent writer and activist, Kimberly Morin says gun control harms law-abiding citizens when they are victimized by criminals and then again by politicians who want to disarm them! AND… Say goodbye to more Democrat presidential candidates?

Gay Conservative talk show host on England’s immigration woes!

Xander Gibb

Guest Host Dave Goss says, Bloomberg’s presidential campaign ads are an absolute joke. AND… Xander Gibb, openly gay CONSERVATIVE Author and Talk Show host says the gay community has never had it so good as they do now. Where’s the inequality in America?

It’s all about the guns and NEVER about mental health! WHY?!?

Kimberly Morin, Gun Range

Conservative independent writer and activist, Kimberly Morin says don’t blame “Charlie’s Angels” reboot FLOP on MEN. Men LOVE seeing hot women kick a$$. People are tired of reboots. Do something original. AND… Can we get to the bottom of why shooters think that shooting people was the only way out of whatever they’re dealing with?

How to survive an active shooter!

Dr. Bridget Melson, PsyD, MFT, talks about her study of mass shooters. Drug use is significantly down with teens. But violence is up. That’s the new high.

CisGen, NonBinary Female is a Lesbian?

Non-binary lesbian, born male, now having trouble being accepted by lesbian women they wanted to date? AND… 35 shot this weekend in Chicago? Yep. Holiday weekend. 7 dead. Why isn’t media outraged over this?

PRE-Fireworks Debrief !

Lack of tolerance for Christians is only getting worse. AND… MiniAOC gets doxxed and threatened. AND… Mainstream media won’t air Trump’s Independence Day parade. AND… 95,000 non-citizens found on TX voter rolls.

California Legislative loons passes CROWN ACT!

California just passed a HAIR anti-discrimination bill. AND… Council member calls The Pledge “an unnecessary component” to their meetings. AND… Teenagers protest violence with violence?!? AND… #WalkAway Chicago event CANCELLED by venue. AND… 11-year-old hacks voting system & changes results in under 10 minutes.

Did you see the impeach Trump rallies? Me Neither!

Kimberly Morin, Gun Range

Lawmakers and lobbyists are trying to shut down charter schools coast-to-coast. AND… Did anyone else see the anti-Trump rallies across the country demanding his impeachment? AND… Kimberly Morin asks, do you think AOC understands they need 2/3 vote of Congress to impeach?

Dem says Trump committed executable crime!

Larry Greenfield

Democrat Rep. Pocan thinks that Trump committed treason (punishable by death) for talking with Putin. Unhinged Trump Derangement Syndrome. With guest, Larry Greenfield, discussing the American Freedom Alliance’s conference studying the Left’s impact on education, the Left vs. the Law, and the Jewish/Christian Alliance against the radical Jewish Left.

Would you leave your kids with BETO!

Xander Gibb

AOC says prayer isn’t enough after latest shooting. AND… Did you see Beto’s fantasy stories? AND… Xander Gibb host of X-RAD criticizes Britain’s PM Theresa May’s failure to execute the will of the people.