FBI – CIA grab terrorists at border! McCarthy wants answers

House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy on Tuesday requested a classified briefing from the FBI and CIA for congressional leadership and Vice President Harris about suspected terrorists apprehended at the U.S. Southern Border, sounding the alarm about “the number of bad actors” that have escaped arrest and could currently be residing in the United States.

Want to be a millionaire? Become a Pelosi, Biden, or Clinton.

Since when did we start mourning the death of terrorists? AND… In the words of Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden. Is anyone actually listening to what these guys are saying? AND… Students opinion on taking out Iranian terrorist Soleimani is basically split down party lines.

Can we actually declare war against the Cartels?

People may not like the way Trump talks, but do they like what he’s doing enough to re-elect him? AND… Can we actually declare war against the Cartels? AND… Why do WE have to pay for every woman’s abortion? Abortion is not birth control!

Are we safer today than in 2001?

Are we safer today than in 2001? With David Rubin, former mayor of Shiloh, Israel, and the author of “Trump and the Jews”, warns that terror leaders have not lost track of U.S. landmarks and key targets.

It’s time to RUN AWAY from Facebook & Google!

Frank DeMartini

Stop supporting Facebook. Support your favorite conservative voices. Sign up for their websites and newsletters. Cut the Facebook cord. AND… Frank DeMartini talks about election results and Antifa violence against Republicans.

LA mayor says riots could happen if ICE enforces the LAW!

Joe Messina, The Real Side

If people wanted a more Democrat style of governing, they would have voted more Liberals into office in the last election. AND… Los Angeles Mayor says he’s worried Trump’s immigration crackdown will cause riots. AND… Why did Obama love the Communist and Dictatorial regimes so much?

PART 3: Muslim Brotherhood: Secretly planted in universities, YES, in the U.S!

Muslim Brotherhood Logo

From the beginning of its formation in 1928, the goals of the Muslim Brotherhood and their ideology have been purposefully planted in universities. First in Cairo, at al-Azhar University, but rapidly placed in others. Secretly, Muslim Brotherhood members became faculty members, department chairs, deans, administration management and so forth, all the way to top positions that fully control the university. This same format was later used in universities in Europe and America.

PART 2: Expert Liars: Carnegie global think-tank protects Muslim Brotherhood from terrorist designation

Islam Will Dominate the World

The Muslim Brotherhood’s motto is: Allah is our objective; the Prophet is our leader; the Quran is our law; Jihad is our way; dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope. The Muslim Brotherhood emblem, the double swords and the Quran, has the word: “prepare” under the two swords. The word “prepare” refers to “prepare your swords (your weapons)” for jihad. The primary doctrine of the Quran is that it is the duty of all Muslims to enforce Islamic Law throughout the world — via jihad.
The following are excerpts from the Testimony to Congress by Dr. Nathan Brown:

“In describing the Muslim Brotherhood, it is perhaps best to start with the movement’s motto imprinted on its emblem: “Be Prepared.” The resemblance with the Boy Scouts is far from coincidental. The movement’s founder, Hasan al-Banna, was aware of Scouting and wished to found an organization that was similarly devoted to fostering the personal development of the rising generation.”

PART 1: Expert Liars: U.S. think-tank protects Muslim Brotherhood from terrorist designation

Muslim Brotherhood Logo

Brookings Institute is considered to be one of the most trusted think tanks in the world. Its “experts” are some of the most quoted on TV, in newspapers, and, its members often give testimony at Congressional Hearings and send recommendations to the President and his staff. But can Brookings “experts” be trusted?… Wittes either made a bad judgement call when she wrote that the Muslim Brotherhood are different than Hamas or al-Qaeda, or was purposefully spreading the pro-Islamist agenda, which is to make the Brotherhood out to be “moderate” and “peaceful”.

Are you ready for major changes in HEALTHCARE? No REALLY?

Dale Bellis

Palestinian terrorists are taking American money meant for humanitarian aid and using it to finance their “Martyr’s Fund.” WHY are we paying for this??? AND… Dale Bellis says Americans used to have a neighbor helping neighbor mentality. We’re bringing that back with healthsharing! AND… Professor and administrator at Northern Arizona University tells student he can’t read the Bible in the classroom. Why? Because the teacher didn’t want TO SEE the Bible in front of her. WOW! At least now we know where these snowflakes are getting their spinelessness from.

Black US terrorists & Killing Conservatism!

Joe Messina, The Real Side, STAND

Corporal punishment is unconstitutional? Do you think the Founding Fathers who presided over some of those trials KNEW that what they were doing was against the document they wrote? Now a drug manufacturer is mad that their drug is being used for executions, calling it a “health risk”. AND… I’d like to see an Imam forum where they counter each other with strictly scripture. The radicals can read off the killing and beheading scriptures and the others can counter those scriptures. AND… Two BLM supporters in Chicago were arrested for conspiring to supply material support to ISIS. AND… Providers are not only rejecting ads, now they’re blocking our Conservative content from their search engines.

Gender neutral graduation and Satanic killings

Xander Gibb, Xandermonium

Judge helps illegal alien escape out the back door instead of being deported. What should happen to this judge?!? AND… Xander Gibb openly gay CONSERVATIVE talk show host talks about gay Disney characters? Yep, it’s a thing. Do kids really need to know this? Can’t we just let kids be kids? AND… Star Wars stormtrooper costumes banned because they look too Hitler-ish and Nazi-ish? AND… Muslim actor Riz Ahmed says that if television doesn’t stop casting so many white people in prominent parts, young Muslim men would join ISIS.

Egyptian Christians are running scared… you would be too!

Coptic Christians, Egypt

Because of this double murder, the video threat from ISIS that was released February 20, targeting Egyptian Christians, and the instructions to kill Coptic women and their fathers on social media yesterday, Christians have been evacuating the city in which the two most recent murders occurred… Cairo’s al-Azhar, Sunni Islam’s highest authority, refuses to condemn ISIS because ISIS is doing everything according to Islamic Doctrine.

Latest ISIS threat: Egyptian Christians are “our favorite prey” (VIDEO)

ISIS, Egypt, Islam, Christian

Islamic reformers are trying to eliminate teachings from these Medieval books because they teach the most violent ideology of Islam—including killing apostates, burning infidels, and persecuting and torturing Christians and other non-Muslims. Also according to these Medieval teachings, Christians are not permitted to build churches, must not complain or ask for equal rights, and must be grateful for being allowed to live.

OFA: 30k Militarized citizens trained to “community organize” RIOTS!

Kathy Barnette

Did you catch Trump’s full on press conference today? It was over an hour! AND… Kathy Barnette Christian, Mom, Wife, VETERAN, and activist says, Trump with the press… it just is what it is. They better get used to it! Trump has done more in 3 weeks than past presidents have done in 2 terms! When you have former President Obama 2 miles down the street from the White House creating a shadow government, we need to call them what they are… TERRORISTS!!!

Flights leaving Middle East to U.S. are PACKED!

Cairo Airport via Cheri Berens

A top official at Cairo airport told us that before the “official” announcement was made that the travel “ban” was lifted, he received a call to come to the airport, as an unusually high degree of passengers were arriving and were clogging up security.

Yes, CAIR is influencing Hollywood movies

Meryl Streep meme

CAIR is targeting the Motion Picture Industry. The Academy Awards this year will be held in 48 days, on February 26th. In two weeks, on January 24th, the announcement will be made as to who is being nominated for the various awards. After listening to the clip of Meryl Streep the Creep, I think we should be prepared to pounce on those nominated starting the day they are nominated, and never stopping until the day of the Awards.

Christians crucified every Friday

Christians crucified every Friday in Syria

With Islamic Law you can be “accused” of something, whether true or not, and have your hands and feet cut off. But also, just for being Christian, you are crucified. Every Friday (holy day in Islam) Christians are crucified. My friends receive the photos. And they show them to me, hoping to get the truth out.

U.S. Military Officer escapes with Terrorists in Aleppo

Syrian Army humanitarian aid, video still

At the press conference, reporters asked questions about the evacuations of east Aleppo and also about humanitarian aid, accusing Syria of not providing aid. Ambassador Jaafari was notably annoyed by the biased western media lies.

Syrian War: Battle fronts update

Syria map

To facilitate the takeover of Syria, Saudi Arabia and Turkey created Jaish al-Fateh, a coalition army with several divisions so it could spread itself throughout all of Syria, causing many front lines of battle and causing the Syrian Army to be spread too thin to win any one battle.