Hurricane Harvey: How soon is too soon to politicize?

Guest host Andrea Kaye talks with Julio Rivera… Should we talk politics in relation to disasters? Absolutely! If we’re looking to the govt to help, we need to talk about it! AND… Has the GOP finally been exposed for the liars and fraud that they are?

Progressive Liberal indoctrination backfires

Evergreen State College president George Bridges seems to have finally woken from his Liberal stupor and says the students who blocked a professor from his classroom may be facing discipline. AND… The Progressive Liberal Feminist push to always treat men and women the same, hurts women. AND… Transgender friend’s daughter had a hard time adjusting to dad’s transition. And no, that doesn’t make her transphobic. AND… SDSU administrator says, “Republican Party has become an extremist terrorist organization.” AND… CA Congressman staging a coup against Trump calling for people to commit treason and leak classified information.

Sheriff will arrest Sanctuary City officials!

Sheriff says he will arrest Sanctuary City officials because those cities are a magnet for CRIMINAL illegal aliens! AND… Corey Duncan says people in the U.S. disrespect our freedoms because they don’t understand them. AND… Black student groups get vast majority of $85,000 surplus at very white university. Only 2% of students are black. And that’s fair, how? AND… UC-Irvine students signed a petition to ban Wells Fargo from campus.

Frmr LA Mayor Villaraigosa says stop terrorizing illegals!

California is in BIG trouble. Former LA Mayor and Candidate for Governor Antonio Villaraigosa says illegals are getting a raw deal and we’re “terrorizing communities” by enforcing the law. I bet Kate Steinle’s family feels “terrorized”! Then he blames the GOVERNMENT for ripping families apart, rather than the people who came here illegally breaking the law. AND… Even President Obama said we can’t allow people to pour over our borders undetected. AND… We have let people break immigration law for so long. Now that we’re trying to actually ENFORCE those laws… they’re stupified!

Gay journalist turns conservative… thx Milo!

Gay New York journalist boldly turns conservative after lib friends go nuts over his ‘fair’ Milo interview because liberals are against free speech. AND… “Go big, or go home.” Singer Joy Villa standing for what she believes at the Grammys sporting a flamboyant Trump dress. That took some serious GUTS! AND… If you were really about reproductive health, you would allow the body to do what it was designed to do when it’s pregnant. AND… Why was convicted former Palestinian terrorist Rasmea Odeh, after serving time in an Israeli jail, allowed to emigrate to the U.S?

Debate challenge to Hollywood elites

Writer, David Weissman calls in from Israel with a challenge to Hollywood elites using their platform to spread political lies about Trump’s travel ban. AND… Singer Toby Keith told not to show up at the Country Music Festival because of his performance at the Presidential Inauguration. AND… MSNBC’s Brian Williams was suspended for blatantly lying… now we’re supposed to believe him when he says Trump is lying?

Senator Schumer has selective recall!

Flashback to 2015: Sen. Chuck Schumer says an immigration pause may be necessary. Why’s he crying now? AND… Idiot liberal says she wants to do away with women’s suffrage. AND… Did Former President Bill Clinton just refer to illegal immigrants as illegal ALIENS?!?! Why yes he did! Did anyone go crazy? No. AND… Mark Dice asks American citizens who won the Civil War. This might make you cry…

Prez Trump says ENOUGH!

Liberal media is going NUTS over Trump’s immigration “ban”. Could it have been handled better? AND… Conservative independent activist, Kimberly Morin says Democrats don’t care that the TSA is sexually assaulting Americans every time we fly, but we can’t vet people coming in from known terrorist countries! AND… The fake news message is that Muslims have been banned entry to the U.S. AND… Trump relieved acting Attorney General Sally Yates today for refusing to back his immigration and refugee Executive Order. What was her legal argument? There wasn’t one! AND… Sen. Schumer (D) says it doesn’t matter who Trump’s SCOTUS nominee is, they’re going to filibuster it. How does that make sense?

Equal rights for Christians and Muslims?

Is there REAL equality between the rights of Muslims and Christians when it comes to religious accommodation? AND… How involved are you in your child’s school? Do you actually get involved in pushing back against some of these “social” changes happening in schools? AND… Sex education is no longer just about “reproductive health”, it’s about “how to have sex” education. AND… And now a study determined how many sexual partners are too many… and too few! We needed a study for this, why? AND… Some students and faculty are engaging in victim blaming after last Monday’s attack on OSU and are deluded enough to claim that the attack was NOT terrorism, even though ISIS is taking credit for it!

Trump’s Cabinet picks are TOO rich!

Loons on the left say Trumps picks for Cabinet level are toooo rich. AND… Xander Gibb Host of X-Rad is up in arms over the media and LGBT attack on the hosts of “Fixer Upper” simply for being Christian and says there isn’t a gayer show on TV! AND… If you’re a danger to the public and get shot while BEING a danger to the public, you have no one to blame but yourself. Re: OSU’s Muslim attacker. AND… Threatening to kill the president-elect is NO JOKE people! One CEO found out the hard way. AND… now we have puppy petting rooms in college for students who are stressed out.

Iran Deal dictates, no anti-Muslim speech

Obama said that if we tightened the Visa Waiver program to fight terrorism we’d be violating the Iran Deal. AND… Man on the street interviews Berkeley students about voter ID laws. The kids call them racist and oppressive because blacks and minorities are too stupid, poor, or in prison to be able to get ID. AND… Kevin Jackson says there is nobody more crooked in the history of our country than Hillary at Clinton Inc! This week there has been a cataclysmic shift in the media against Hillary for the first time.

FBI agents don’t want to work for Hillary

What’s it going to take to make these politicians understand that gun control isn’t working. Those laws just create human targets! AND… Corey Duncan says either you’re with Trump or you’re with her and the terrorists. Follow the money! AND… Senior FBI agents would rather be assigned in Afghanistan than have to protect Hillary. AND… You have to understand what Communism and Socialism is before we can have a serious conversation about Hillary. AND… In the REAL world, Hillary wouldn’t even be running, she’d be arrested and in prison. AND… Playboy twins defend Trump’s honor.

Obama mad at military yells, stop insulting Islam!

Showing his Muslim stripes, President Obama threw a hissy fit and stomped out of a Pentagon meeting over remarks allegedly tying the Islamic State (ISIS) to Islam. AND… Hillary can get away with disclosing national security secrets, but a young military guy who took a selfie on board a US ship sits in prison! Why? AND… More jobs being lost to Mexico. No unions. No rules. Lower salaries. No brainer! AND… Think teachers don’t make enough money? Get the REAL facts!

Speaker at Clinton’s speech has a husband that likes to set off bombs!

Speaker at Clinton’s speech has a husband that likes to set off bombs! AND… USARadio News Director, Jason Wert says terrorists are coming into our country through immigration. The Obama Admin has reports that prove it, but they aren’t releasing them. If you love this country, why do you refuse to protect Americans by pausing the system, fixing the system, then restarting when the proper security is in place?

Terror attacks have nothing to do with Islam

Paired with the Left’s refusal to accept the term “Radical Islamic Terror” and Obama’s plan to fight terror “with love”, it is clear that a solution to this pressing issue is not under the radar for the Obama Administration anytime soon.

Refugee resettlement, coming to a city near you!

Massachusetts charges Uber riders a 5 cent fee to subside taxi companies who are LOSING MONEY! This is NOT free market capitalism folks. AND… Brigitte Gabriel with ACT for America talks about Syrian refugees (who aren’t really Syrian) and ISIS. It’s not what the mainstream media says it is! And YES, it will affect you.

Fertility for Lesbians? They want it covered by insurance!

A lesbian couple is suing an insurance company who won’t cover fertility treatments for them because there’s no evidence of a biological problem. The couple says they’re being discriminated against. AND… Media mogul Xander Gibb urges Donald Trump to stick to the teleprompter dear! Obama, Hillary, and Bill are all in bed with terrorists. Obama just gave them $400 million (that would be Iran). And the Clintons have been taking money from terrorist countries for years (a la Saudi Arabia). AND… Liberal brainwashing requirements.

Dr. Gina: 6 reasons Hillary is dangerous

I will acknowledge that it is my personal observation that most politicians at the national level display some number of narcissistic traits. Narcissism is not necessarily dangerous unless other, more organic and systemic traits are present. In fact, the argument can be made that some degree of narcissistic “ability” may be necessary to run on the national level. Hillary is in a separate category altogether.

Liberal logic explained & Has Hillary created even ONE job?

Hillary Clinton promised to bring 200,000 jobs to upstate New York when she campaigned to be Senator. Think it happened? AND… New Hampshire activist and writer, Kimberly Morin talks current events, Hillary, Benghazi families, and the Olympics flag controversy with Michael Phelps.

Hillary is Satan in a Teflon pantsuit

Kevin Jackson: a new poll says people want Democrat Congress. He suggests we go further, and make Congress ALL BLACK. Then let’s make them ALL Muslim. AND… Xander Gibb host of The X-Rad show says that both Obama and Hillary should be brought up on charges of treason. Hillary is Satan in a Teflon pantsuit.

Did Obama call Trump a terrorist during his DNC speech?

President Obama gives speech at the Democratic National Convention as he urges the crowd to lead Hillary to victory. After boasting about his accomplishments during his two terms, he stated that America was always great and Trump will fail in the future. However, he compared the Republican nominee to a terrorist, stating that he plays on the fear of the public.