Do we really need sex week at colleges?

Remember how Obama handled H1N1 pandemic? Tell me again how Trump has mishandled the Coronavirus? AND… Genderless Fairy Godmother in new ‘Cinderella’ movie remake? AND… Trump camp fires back after Twitter labels Joe Biden video manipulated. AND… Dana Perino calls out Hillary’s attack on Democrat primary candidates.

GMC feminizes the Hummer! REALLY?

Disappointed in GM… did they just feminize the Hummer?!? AND… Judge smacks down transgender pronouns saying they are a courtesy, not a right. With Dr. Bridget Melson, PsyD, MFT, talking parenting, kids, LGBT, biology, and MORE!

Impeachment 1 down and one 2 go! NOT REALLY!

Impeachment circus. It ain’t over. The Left wants total control and sees NO value in you. AND… DNC caught instructing illegals how to vote. AND… California, Chicago, NY, these people vote Democrat and keep voting Democrat. Why? AND… Parents don’t want to parent anymore. They’re too afraid to upset their kids. FYI… That’s not parenting.

Will the Senate do the right thing? I mean the REAL right thing?!?

Federal prosecutors investigating former FBI Director James Comey for potentially illegally leaked classified information. AND… Transgender woman who wanted her male parts bikini waxed is in hot water AGAIN! AND… Sticking iphones in the faces of your kids is making them angry, depressed, and dumbing them down. What are we doing?

Impeachment and other Hot Stories of the day!

“Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” is about bullying?!? AND… Rep Gaetz grills impeachment witnesses asking, does anyone here have any “personal knowledge of a single material fact in the Schiff Report?” Nope.

Millennials: Can we really understand them?

Our kids should not have to be concerned about needles on their playground! What are we going to do about this?!? AND… Chelsea Orzechowski talking politics, current events and MORE from a millennial perspective!

A conversation with the general public about 4th of July – We are screwed!

Mark Dice, 4th Of July, Video Still

Media analyst Mark Dice asks the general public at a beach in San Diego, California some basic questions about America, the 4th of July, and our Independence Day celebration. The answers are more than disturbing… they’re depressing. How about we all spend 5 minutes this 4th of July and teach our kids why we’re having those hotdogs, hamburgers, […]

Milano suggests God is good with Abortion! REALLY

Joe Messina, The Real Side Radio Show

The Left loves to talk about God when they can use it as a weapon against conservatives, Joe takes a look at the anti-Christian attacks of the progressives. AND… Planned Parenthood and Hollywood hits back against Unplanned, how? Do they say “Unplanned” was incorrect? No, they can’t say that. Instead, they tell us abortions are MORALLY important?!?!? WHAT!?!?!?

MAJORITY of Americans agree with tariffs!

Joe Messina, The Real Side

Hollywood celeb Tweets he’s praying for his friend and Twitter blows up… Not in a good way! AND… Judge warns ruling could jeopardize War Memorials at Arlington Cemetery. AND… Judge excuses kids who beat another student to death because they didn’t mean to kill her, just beat her?!? AND… MAJORITY of Americans agree with tariffs.

How parents raise strong kids!

Joe Messina, The Real Side Radio Show, with Corey Prez Duncan

Mentally strong kids have parents who refuse to do these 13 things. AND… Our Corey Duncan says Baltimore just passed Chicago as the murder capital. What we need is for men to step up and teach their boys to be REAL men.

How is firing under-performing federal employees a bad thing?

Joe Messina, The Real Side Radio Show

Trump wants to fire people who aren’t doing a good job or pulling their weight? Of course the union thinks this is a bad idea. AND… Discipline is dead in our nation’s public school system. AND… Social media blocks crowdfunding site for new movie “Roe v. Wade” on how abortion became legal in U.S. Why? I thought Liberals were all about CHOICE!