Hillary insults Catholics, Jews, and Latinos… media silent!

Xander Gibb

Hillary can insult Catholics, Jews, and Latinos and the media ignores it! AND… Xander Gibb agrees, Hillary could win and if that happens we can kiss the 2nd Amendment goodbye, probably on day one! AND… Did you hear about them dumping millions of gallons of milk? AND… Ban Halloween? Now we’re so politically correct kids can’t even have a lighthearted dress up day.

Dead people ALREADY voting in Virginia?

Joe Messina, The Real Side Radio Show

19 dead voters just re-registered to vote in Virginia. I guess you CAN come back from the DEAD! But there’s no voter fraud, right? And it’s only 19 votes, so what’s the big deal! EVERY VOTE MATTERS! If they have to do all these fraudulent things to win, when… God must have sent them back to vote Democrat. AND… Conservative radio show host, Xander Gibb says, when you challenge the Clintons’, there’s a line of body bags to prove what happens. There’s too many to just be coincidences. AND… The rest of the story about Donald Trump and Miss Universe Alicia Machado comes out… did you hear? AND… And how about those 20,000 ballots they just found, pre-packaged with votes for… you guessed it… HILLARY!

Billy Clinton and Bimbos

Joe Messina, The Real Side Radio Show

Speaking of clueless… Bill Clinton thinks Hillary just has the flu. Apparently he doesn’t even get the news! AND… Laura Densmore with Hebrew Nation Radio talks about significance of the prayer shawl from Israel recently place on Donald Trump and Jews’ misplaced faith in Democrats.

Liberal humor: Some blacks aren’t really black

Evan Sayet

A group of New York Muslims has taken offense at a small town’s new memorial honoring those who died in 9-11 terrorist attacks. AND… Comedian Evan Sayet says Liberals are intellectually stunted at the point they entered the liberal school system at age 5. Liberals are the ones who focus on race. “White privilege” “Black Lives Matter” “La Raza”… all Liberal concepts.

Democrats run cities into the ground!

Karen Siegemund

Why is it Republicans fault for problems in inner cities that have been governed by Democrats for decades? Democrats run the 10 poorest cities. AND… Karen Siegemund with Rage Against the Media shares how to talk to Liberals. There are 3 ways culture is transmitted: #education, entertainment, #media. We’ve let #Liberals control them for 50 yrs! Time to take it back!

THIS is how a leader should respond to terrorism… [VIDEO]

Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel, Video Still

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addresses the recent brutal murder of a young girl in Israel by a radical Islamic terrorist. THIS is how a leader should respond to terrorism. We should not make excuses for terrorists. We should identify them as such and spend our efforts combating them. Not excusing them. [VIDEO]

Aborting a baby is NOT the same as having AAA for your car!

Joe Messina, The Real Side

MSNBC anchor Brian Williams says we’re the only country who’s ever bombed another country out of anger. AND… Comparing having an abortion to having AAA for your car is no joke. AND… Hillary’s aid becomes her attorney to avoid questions. AND… Which states are most financially sound? AND… Texas teacher/student sex scandal.

Just in time for Memorial Day: Desecrating military graves [DESPICABLE!]

Norwood Virgin Mary Statue, Defaced, Allah

Memorial Day: This is a contemporary phenomena, not something that would have happened decades ago–or even one decade ago. Citizens of “western” cultures do not destroy the memorials of their dead. This rise in the desecration of Christian and Jewish cemeteries has explicitly come with Muslim immigration.

Man requests restraining order against God!

Restraining Order

I’m not sure how this paperwork even got as far as a judge. Maybe because it’s Israel. And for them, God is still real. Had the paperwork been filed here in the U.S., it would likely have been thrown out, because, you know, God is an imaginary, fictitious character.

Jews: It’s safer in a Party devoid of any values or convictions

Jewish, Yarmulke, Obama

Jew-hatred is endemic to the Left – be it National Socialism (Nazism), Communism or today’s Democratic Party. For the Jews, prosperity and safety are not found in siding with those who reject all values but in those who have the better values. It’s not a coincidence that the first Judeo-Christian nation in all of human history is also the place that has provided the Jews with…

Jewish social justice, Trumpertantrums, & 13 Hours

Michael Hausam

Social Justice doesn’t include Jews at UC Berkeley, even if they want to be an active member of social justice movements and progressive communities! So much for safe spaces! Libertarian writer/activist, Michael Hausam weighs in on the Donald Trump temper-tantrum nonsense following the Iowa primary. And how unprofessional of Ted Cruz to hand out voting […]

1st Amendment: No Constitutional guarantee you won’t feel uncomfortable

Reading, Book, Girl, Bible, Outside

This year in review, originally posted October 10, 2015 *********************** This week #BringYourBible to School Day made headlines, and not surprisingly, stirred up some controversy. The event, sponsored by Focus on the Family, was intended to educate and remind families that children can, in fact, bring their Bible to school for reading during non-instruction times. […]

1st Amendment: No Constitutional guarantee you won’t feel uncomfortable

Reading, Book, Girl, Bible, Outside

This week #BringYourBible to School Day made headlines, and not surprisingly, stirred up some controversy. The event, sponsored by Focus on the Family, was intended to educate and remind families that children can, in fact, bring their Bible to school for reading during non-instruction times. With all the ruckus about “separation of church and state” […]

Mass shooting, ISIS plot in Israel, & Bring Your Bible to School Day

Candi Cushman, Focus on the Family

Prayers go out to those who were affected by the mass shooting today a Umpqua Community College in Oregon. Candi Cushman with Focus on the Family talks about annual Bring Your Bible to school day coming up October 8th and resources for parents to protect their children’s innocence on campus. #TrueTolerance Israel thwarted 1st ISIS […]

Muslims call FBI & Germany more free than US

Joe Messina, The Real Side

This man’s sign bothered Muslims so much, they called the FBI! Hong Kong and Germany has more freedom than US! What have we done? Constitution shredded. Hollywood is not friendly to people of faith. Good for Mayim Bialik, sticking to her beliefs. Man paves porch with discarded military headstones. Yep, it’s a Federal offense. If […]

Republicans hate anyone who isn’t…

Republicans Hate, Occupy Democrats

Yes, folks, we need to know what’s being said about us Conservative Republican types. And here it is. Straight off the Occupy Democrats Facebook page. “Republicans hated JFK because he was Catholic. They hate Obama because he’s half-black. They hate Hillary because she’s a woman. They hate Bernie Sanders because he’s Jewish. Let’s face it; […]

Hate Crime Against Jewish Fraternity At UC Davis

Two large swastikas were spray-painted onto the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity house Saturday morning, at University of California, Davis. While detectives investigate the hate crime against this Jewish fraternity. A Muslim civil liberties group came out in solidarity to show their support. Unfortunately, no suspects have been identified and no arrests have been made according […]

Ferguson protesters blaming Jews?

It’s hard to imagine how someone can draw parallels from “Ferguson to Palestine” and resisting racism to boycotting Jews. Because there really is NO parallel. Which means someone must just be looking for a way to target Jews. Best I can recall, there a few groups who consistently target the Jewish people… Nazis and Muslims. Are […]

Anita Gunn: Hollywood Jews & Israel – The Silence is Deafening

Israeli Flag

Israel is in the fight of its life against the terrorist group, Hamas, whose charter openly states that its goal is to eliminate Israel and replace it with an Islamic state, and Hollywood Jews are out in force, passionately in support of the besieged Jewish state. Just kidding! You can hear a pin drop. Jews in […]


The Holocaust happened. It’s a fact. There is too much hard evidence, not to mention living survivors, to deny it’s existence. It MUST continue to be taught in America’s schools. Teaching this horrific history is critical to ensuring that it never occurs again. Recently, a California school district included a critical thinking exercise from their Common […]


Israeli Flag

Bradley Scott (at The Blaze): …looks back to previous presidents to find out how they felt about the State of Israel and the Jewish people alike. Here are 18 (Jewish number for LIFE) quotes which transcend political parties that the current administration may want to draw inspiration from for future statements. With peace talks between […]