John Kerry’s Iran collusion

John Kerry is working to keep the Iranian Nuclear Deal from falling apart. AND… How’s your money? Are you worried about the economy? David Fischer, CEO of Landmark Capital talks about the current state of our economy.

What Christmas is REALLY about! & Israel…

Charlie Brown knows the REAL meaning of Christmas! AND… Gen. Paul Vallely says Iran and North Korea are working together. AND… Israel can NEVER let it’s guard down! Europe is very anti-Semitic. AND… Upper level FBI is totally corrupt.

Has Congress REALLY accomplished anything?

Is Harvey Weinstein just the tip of the iceberg in Hollywood abuse? AND… CA Congressman Steve Knight talks about the frustrating fact that the Senate won’t even TALK about some of what they’ve passed. AND… By the end of the year, ISIS will have a very small footprint.

Liberal writer enjoyed RED state! & Any REAL Republicans in Cali?

Liberal writer finds herself in a RED flyover state and LIKES it! AND… Tom Del Beccaro predicts Republicans will pass healthcare reform in the next 9 days shifting control back to the states. If that happens, 2 years from now, California under Gov. Gavin Newsom will pass universal healthcare outlawing private insurance.

President Trump’s speech: Homerun or failure?

The media goes nuts over Trump’s United Nations speech saying no president has ever talked that way. Hmmm… John F. Kennedy (JFK), Ronald Reagan, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton… all said they would use force… NUCLEAR force!

How are we going to deal with North Korea? and More !

Americans are paying more in taxes than on food and clothing. AND… Gen Paul E. Vallely (ret) says the Deep State continues to be a problem for Trump. It may takes YEARS to drain the swamp. Some of the Generals advising Trump don’t understand the Caliphate and radical Islam. Transgender issue is social engineering. It doesn’t belong in the military.

General Vallely gives us the scoop on Russia, ISIS, & Middle East

U.N. ambassador Nikki Haley demands UN withdraw report branding Israel ‘apartheid’ state calling it anti-Israel propaganda. AND… Major General Paul E. Vallely (U.S. Army ret.) just returned from Russia for a 12-nation meeting on Middle East, Syria, and ISIS. We’re a laughing stock to those over there, watching us blame everything on Russia. General predicts the Islamic State will die this year. AND… University of Nebraska provides glossary of ‘queer and trans community’ terms. It includes a coloring page “The Gender Unicorn” that students can fill in to identify their nontraditional gender identities.

Iran just launched another missile!

Iran just launched another missile. Thanks Obama! AND… Are you still patronizing Starbucks? Why? After they said they’d hire 10,000 refugees, when we still have so many unemployed veterans who WANT to work! Vote with your wallet! AND… Dr. Gerard Lameiro, author of “Great News for America” says Americans have thought we were off-track for years. When that happens it’s only a matter of time before the American people rise up. Democrat Representatives do NOT understand their job description… to REPRESENT the American people! They will continue to lose! Dr. Lameiro predicts that as a nation we will become more moral, conservative country.

H-1B Visas and the Muslim “ban”

Employers want an expansion of the H-1B work visa program because they want cheap labor. Trump wants to level the playing field so American workers can compete. AND… Brigitte Gabriel, founder of ActForAmerica, says the Executive Order is not a “ban” on Muslims, the top 5 Muslim countries in the world are not part of the so-called “ban”. AND… It doesn’t matter what Trump does, the Left will criticize it. Trump could walk on water and the Left would say “he doesn’t know how to swim.” AND… In Christianity, the more devout someone becomes, the nicer they become. Under Islam, the more devout they become, the more radical they become. AND… Prophet Muhammad’s last words before he died were, “kill the Jews until the day of judgement.” Do you really think a devout Muslim (who follows the Prophet Muhammad) will want to get along with Jews?

Iran – Our friends?

“This was an unsafe and unprofessional interaction, and that is due to the fact that they were approaching at a high level of speed with weapons manned and disregarding repeated warnings,” Captain Jeff Davis, a Pentagon spokesman, said in a briefing.

Incest is OK… according to Democrat propaganda!

Now they’re normalizing incest… because Love is Love and it’s 2 consenting adults and it’s a victimless crime. Right? AND… Iranians got a little too aggressive with our US Navy again. AND… Liberals claim that Trump’s election is causing mental health issues in people. Where’s the facts?

Too many Generals in the Trump Admin?

George Stephanopoulos daughter melts down after learning of Trump’s win. AND… General Paul Vallely joins Joe to discuss our military, where we are at, how long to rebuild, what we need and the dollars needed to rebuild. AND… Trump is a true friend to Israel, and they are excited he’s our next President. What’s going to happen now in Iraq & Syria is the big question.

Trump’s America FIRST deglobalization

Iran Deal? What deal? Is there really a deal? AND… David Fischer with Landmark Capital says Trump is on a path to deglobalization. You can’t make America FIRST without deglobalization. David says says EU is in a slow-motion collapse, so look for more countries to exit. Uh oh!

Our Mad Black man from Baltimore is on FIRE!

Obama says Iran MAY not be following the agreement! Wait… WHAT agreement? AND…Corey Duncan, Our Mad Black man from Baltimore, is on FIRE! Talking about what’s happening in the streets. The rule of law and Constitution has been attacked for the last 8 years, that’s why they think they’re allowed to riot in the street without repercussion.

Direct from Israel… Our election matters!

Parents are angry that their son was shot and killed by a Pizza Hut employee after he tried to rob the store at gunpoint. Really? So now citizens don’t have a right to defend themselves? AND… David Weissman writer for TRS and resident of Israel joins Joe to discuss the views of the Jews on the American election. He says American Jews tend to vote liberal. Israeli Jews tend to vote conservative. When asked Do Israelis and Muslims get along? Yes! Hamas (not all Muslims!) wages war on Israel. They’re just like ISIS, a different branch from the same tree. AND… Democrats need to wake up! Both Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine boycotted Netanyahu when he made a plea for his country’s safety.

Iran Deal dictates, no anti-Muslim speech

Obama said that if we tightened the Visa Waiver program to fight terrorism we’d be violating the Iran Deal. AND… Man on the street interviews Berkeley students about voter ID laws. The kids call them racist and oppressive because blacks and minorities are too stupid, poor, or in prison to be able to get ID. AND… Kevin Jackson says there is nobody more crooked in the history of our country than Hillary at Clinton Inc! This week there has been a cataclysmic shift in the media against Hillary for the first time.

Do we have any allies left in the Middle East!

Christians! Are you tired of your religious liberties being infringed? Don’t throw it away voting for the Democrat party… who booed God. AND… Major General Paul Vallely (ret) says the U.S. media is SOOO focused on the minutia of our politics that they are ignoring international news. The BBC and Russian news are where we have to go to see what’s happening in the rest of the world. And it matters! It affects our economy. AND… Who’s the better military choice for our next president…

SCOTUS Justice Clarence Thomas NOT Black?

The Smithsonian fails to acknowledge the 2nd black Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas, except as a footnote, with the focus being on Anita Hill the woman who accused him of sexual impropriety. Nothing about his accomplishments on SCOTUS. In fact there was more info on HER than on HIM. AND… New Hampshire conservative independent writer & activist Kimberly Morin talks about her recent Facebook ban saying, if the Left doesn’t like what you say, they’ll Alinsky-ize you. AND… John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Nobel Peace Prize, Iran Deal, Kim Kardashian, Wikileaks, and MORE!

Trump has no Black support? Not!

Former Miss Wisconsin sings Trump’s praises in direct opposition to the Miss Universe who is trying to drag him down. AND… Do you think Donald Trump is a racist? What about all those people from various backgrounds who are working for him? AND… The Iran Deal just keeps getting worse and worse. Now we find out we lifted even MORE sanctions. Why wasn’t it disclosed?

US Navy ship harassed by Iran… again

The fact that the Iranian military (and government) feel comfortable enough to persistently provoke our military is a monumental problem that only serves to highlight how weak the Obama Administration has left our nation in the eyes of others.

And now, the UK is building a wall… to keep illegal immigrants out!

Wait… is the UK planning to build a bigger, new wall to keep illegal immigrants out? Why yes they are. AND… How’s that Iran Deal working out for us? AND… A black man passionately asks the Mayor of Rochester why there isn’t the same attention given to black-on-black crime as there is on white-on-black crime. AND.. Did UMass RA’s just equate black Americans to a GORILLA? Yes, yes they did. Speaking of racist…