Creating more and better opportunities for the Black Community!

President Trump addresses the nation regarding the Coronavirus issues. AND… Horace Cooper, co-chairman of the Project 21 National Advisory Board says there is NO correlation between the number of rolls of toilet paper you own and whether or not you’re more likely to catch the Coronavirus. Remain calm and rational. AND… NEPA “regulatory reform… enhances black empowerment” and “is key to a more productive America that helps all of its citizens”

Trending HOT Twitter Stories!

What kind of parents bring their children to the Women’s March to chant “F*** Trump”?!? AND… Did you hear? AG Barr indicted 8 people for illegally funneling money to Adam Schiff.

Trumpanomics and the REAL new world order!

Scientific research shows that children NEED to do chores to become happy, successful, productive adults. Guest, Larry Greenfield discusses Trump’s foreign policy (Trump Doctrine) and The Trump economy (Trumponomics). Under Obama, we had the worst economic performance in American history. Under Trump, it just continues to improve. We are now in our 128th month of consecutive growth.

Another Black Conservative takes on the establishment!

There was a resolution today to effectively handcuff the president to limit his authority to take military action in the wake of the recent events with Iran. AND… Air Force veteran, church pastor, and businessman, Dr. Bobby Mitchell runs for State Representative Ohio 78th District. He says, too many people who think they are Democrat don’t even realize they really are conservative Republicans.

Want to be a millionaire? Become a Pelosi, Biden, or Clinton.

Since when did we start mourning the death of terrorists? AND… In the words of Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden. Is anyone actually listening to what these guys are saying? AND… Students opinion on taking out Iranian terrorist Soleimani is basically split down party lines.

Why are Democrats apologizing to the Iranians?

Why do the Democrats in Congress hate America soooo much! AND… Horace Cooper, legal commentator, comments on the  Covington Student’s Legal Victory Against CNN Hailed by Black Activists to stand up against anti-Christian bigotry coming from media bullies.

Trending TWITTER Stories!

Joe goes through the trending Twitter issues of the day. Did you know that 38 states have more voters than eligible registered voting adults? AND… Iran offers $80 million for the head of Donald Trump. Isn’t that an act of war? AND… Celebrating abortion at the Golden Globes. AND… CNN settles with Covington Catholic school student Nicholas Sandman over their sloppy coverage and defamation. Up next, NBC.

Iran War? And other Hot Story Updates!

Gun control advocates target ammo since taking guns doesn’t seem to be working out well. AND… Are we at war or going to war with the Iranians? Do we respond with firepower or meetings? Depends on who you ask. AND… Caller, Nancy from California, says not everyone in California is crazy liberal.

Are your Legal-Parental rights being undermined?

Pacific Justice Institute’s (PJI) founder Brad Dacus joins Joe to discuss legal issues and current events of the day. Like Churchill said, Pacifism is not the way to victory. We have to make sure tyranny doesn’t go uncorrected or unnoticed. At the end of the day, President Trump is focused on putting America first and protecting Americans. It’s important to have someone who is both FEARED and RESPECTED in our White House. Without that, American lives are at risk.

Why are the Dems sticking up for Iran?!?

Iranian and Iraqi’s celebrate the killing of Soleimani! BUT you won’t see that in the main stream media. Conservative independent writer and activist, Kimberly Morin says, Trump ACTUALLY got Democrats to side with an American-killing terrorist rather than agree with him. AND… With all the new California regulations, why don’t CA legislators just tell all the Middle Class to leave, because rich people can afford to pay the fines and poor people don’t have to.