Comey signed FISA After Telling Clapper FBI Unable to ‘Sufficiently Corroborate’ Steele

James Comey

The very day in January 2017 that then-FBI Director James Comey signed a FISA surveillance warrant application declaring content from Christopher Steele’s dossier had been “verified,” he wrote President Obama’s outgoing intelligence community chief with a very different assessment of the British spy’s intelligence on Russia collusion, a newly released memo shows.

Nancy Pelosi goes ALL IN for Joe Biden

Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton go all in for Joe Biden for President. AND… Why do blacks continue to back Democrats who continually tell them they are too stupid to make it on their own? AND… Democrat treatment of Kavanaugh v. Biden sexual assault claims. AND… How do Christians vote for a bill/laws that go 180 degrees against God’s law?

Will Biden respond about his sexual misgivings?

The Earth Day hoax continues based on bogus models and yet we continue to believe their doomsday models a la Coronavirus. Why?!? AND… Biden’s accuser has 4 different witnesses. 2 of them say they’ll still vote Democrat and will vote for Joe. WHY?!? AND… Students Demand Action (pro gun control group) AND… Hillary, Pelosi, Harris and others support Biden and ignore the allegations of sexual assault. WHY?

College campus crazies (and more impeachment!)

Abortion… what are they teaching kids on college campuses these days? You might be stunned at what kids think about a tiny human. AND… GOP politicians only drinking milk and water on the Senate floor, following strict impeachment rules.

FBI Investigating Clinton Foundation

The Hill is reporting that high level officials within the Justice Department want to focus on “pay for play” actions taken by officials of the Foundation during Hillary Clinton’s time as Secretary of State.

Dems threaten President and get bump in donations! REALLY?

Andrea Kaye

If Trump’s approval ratings were real, how are they getting that many people to still show up at his rallies? AND… Missouri Democrat who said someone needs to assassinate President Trump sees an increase in fundraising. AND… Andrea Kaye says anything related to love of country or putting Americans first is considered hate speech by Liberal commentators. AND… What happened to Jan Brewer? Now she says Trump is too divisive calling out Senators Flake and McCain. AND… As long as it is in the pursuit of Liberalism, it’s acceptable by any means necessary. Anything Conservative is hate speech. AND… Sheriff Joe Arpaio should never have been convicted for doing his job and following the law.

REAL bigots. Whose statues need removal?!

Joe Messina, The Real Side

Do you have your eclipse watching glasses yet? AND… IRS rehires 213 employees ousted for falsifying documents, avoiding taxes, and other offenses. AND… What will they get rid of next, Mount Rushmore? AND… Since we’re taking down statues of historical Americans who were racists, here’s another 20 who were bigots and antisemites. They need to come down too, right? AND… Philippine President Duterte admits that he has killed people, but “not as many as Hillary Clinton.“

More DemoCare Delusions

Gruber boasted about how the Obama administration fooled Americans into paying to cover the uninsured by using sleight of hand, focusing on their concern over rising health costs. He states “Barack Obama’s not a stupid man, okay?

The LEFT can’t grasp the reality of RUSSIAN involvement

Joe Messina, The Real Side

The Supreme Court just ruled that trademarks are protected by free speech, so too bad if you’re offended by it! That’s right. AND… Who decided we needed a kinder, gentler military? I want them to be a fighting machine, not hugfest! AND… The Obama Administration advised the Warmbier family to lay low while they worked to obtain Otto Warmbier’s release. AND… Democrats can’t find ANY evidence of Russia collusion. And what about Hillary Clinton and John Podesta? Why aren’t they being investigated for the uranium deal?

Comey took Notes on Trump but not Hillary?


Bill O’Reilly: Accusations are not necessarily truth!

Xander Gibb

Whether there was impropriety on Bill O’Reilly’s part or not, if he’d adhered to a “chaperone” rule like Pence does, he wouldn’t be in this position. AND… Xander Gibb says it doesn’t matter if you did what you’ve been accused of, you might just be fired based on accusations. We no longer have innocent until proven guilty. The court of public opinion convicts before an investigation even begins. AND… Hillary Clinton got an Ally Award from the LGBT Community. But she took donations from countries who threw people off the roof just for being gay.

Will there be a government shutdown?

Steve Knight, Congressman

Congressman Steve Knight joins Joe to discuss issues and roadblocks facing the government. Will there be a shutdown? Can we pass tax reform, will there be a new healthcare plan? AND… Trump’s never been an elected official and one day finds himself POTUS. He’s finding out just how much power he DOESN’T have. AND… WashDc is a slow-moving, bureaucratic mess and it takes time to make changes. AND… I hope Gov. Brown is wise enough not to pass the Sanctuary State law. Otherwise he can kiss the Federal appropriations goodbye! AND… Fighter squadrons will start shutting down in May if they don’t fix the budget.

Do you have a handle on your finances? We are not safe yet!

David Fischer

Former Clinton spokesperson says most journalists lean Left, so they go after Democrats harder. Who is she kidding?? AND… Are you sure you have made the right investments? David Fischer with Landmark Capital joins Joe to discuss “safe rooms” for your money. David says both stocks and metals are running in a bull market, still. The Dow is losing steam, but it won’t crash. AND… April 28th will be Trump’s 100th day, and could be a government shutdown.

COSMO: Clintons are the example of a good marriage

Corey Prez Duncan

Being a Facebook warrior is great. But what are you ACTUALLY doing to make a difference? AND… COSMO magazine says the Clintons are a great example of what a good marriage looks like. Really? I guess if you like a husband who cheats on you, has paid settlements for accused rapes, and more sexual assaults to mention. AND… Our mad black man from Baltimore, Corey Duncan talks about the chemical attacks in Syria and U.S. on the world stage under Trump.

Democrats will lose even WORSE in 2018… REALLY!

Gerard Lameiro

Once you’re involved with the Clintons, your mortality rate goes up exponentially! Gucifer 2.0 says Clintons are behind DNC whistleblowers death. AND… Dr. Gerard Lameiro predicts a Conservative super-majority until 2050. AND… America doesn’t want socialism and the government micro-managing every aspect of their lives. Americans want freedom! Obamacare is headed for bankruptcy. AND… Obama’s legacy was the Executive Orders and Regulations he put in place. And moles were left in place to ensure that legacy isn’t undone by Trump!

SJW’s threaten to burn down college over conservative speaker

Xander Gibb

Social justice warriors vowing to “burn the whole university” and “wreak havoc” on campus over the school’s decision to host conservative political pundit Tomi Lahren. AND… Xander Gibb, openly gay CONSERVATIVE talk show host of X-RAD says using the SJW mindset, if you’re ugly, you can identify as beautiful. And anyone who doesn’t agree with you is a racist hater. AND… What’s wrong with Pence and his wife setting their own marriage boundaries? AND… Facts don’t care about your feelings. That’s why Liberals avoid facts like the plague!

Stock market, gold, and the TRUMP economy!

David Fischer

Clinton aid says EVERYONE knew about Obama wiretapping Trump Tower. AND… David Fischer with Landmark Capital talks stock market, gold, and the Trump economy. What’s next? AND… It’s official… BREXIT is happening, Britain is leaving the EU. It’s mathematically impossible for Greece to pay their way out of the debt they’re in. AND… Beijing and Moscow are aligning with the intent to bypass the American dollar in currency strength.

Healthcare, healthshare, & still dealing with Obamacare

Dale Bellis, Liberty HealthShare

Dale Bellis, CEO of Liberty Healthshare talks healthcare, healthshare, and still dealing with Obamacare! Did you know that Ryan’s proposed healthcare bill didn’t allow for healthsharing? AND…Dems said NOTHING about the Russians until Trump. As if Clinton and Obama had nothing to do with the Russians! AND… Hillary’s net worth grew over $100 million as Sec. of State thanks to her husband giving speeches to foreign governments. That’s not suspicious AND… Democrats couldn’t find the states rights clause in the Constitution if we handed it do them.

Planned Parenthood provides healthcare?

Xander Gibb

DNC interim chair Donna Brazille finally admits that she passed presidential forum questions to the Hillary Clinton camp in advance of the event. AND… Frmr Planned Parenthood manager said she thought they would offer full gynecological services to women to help in all situations. But they don’t. AND… Xander Gibb says the sad truth is… alot of people just don’t want to work and are perfectly happy living off the govt forever. AND… Unicorn, homosexual, gay, or queer. You better know which LGBT words you can use and which you can’t. AND… The group that tells us we shouldn’t put labels on people keeps labeling everyone!