Harris finds Jesus – Kind of!

Kamala Harris

Pro-abortion Kamala Harris invokes Jesus Christ, claims taking experimental COVID-19 jab is embodiment of ‘loving your neighbor’

WH disagrees with Biblical Scripture

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Tuesday said the White House “respectfully disagrees” with the Catholic Church regarding the use of aborted babies for medical research.

Cancel Culture hates religion!

Former U.S. Solicitor General Ken Starr told Newsmax TV on Tuesday that his new book, “Religious Liberty in Crisis: Exercising Your Faith in an Age of Uncertainty,” will examine “hostility to religious tradition” in society.”

Would Jesus vote for Trump?

Are you ready for Earth Day? Pretty much every prediction they’ve made through the years have been proven wrong. AND… Matt Barber founder of BarbWire and author of Hating Jesus says everything we’re dealing with is an assault on truth itself, right is wrong, wrong is right. By today’s definitions, our Founding Fathers would be labeled right-wing Bible thumping radicals.

AOC: Religious liberty = White supremacy

AOC compares religious liberty to white supremacy. She says Christianity legitimized slavery using scripture. Suddenly she’s a religious scholar? AND… Gen Z’er Nathanael Neidhart interviews high school students to get their views on school shootings. What was their response?

College Campus Crazies, ARE you flushing your tax dollars!

AB5 in California is putting independent contractors out of work… freelance writers, Uber/Lyft drivers, etc. Now Nancy Pelosi wants to bring that legislation to the Federal level. They want to kill the gig economy. WHY?!? Cabdriver saves 92-year-old woman from $25,000 IRS scammer. AND… How many witches are there in the US now? More than you might think.

Trumpanomics and the REAL new world order!

Larry Greenfield

Scientific research shows that children NEED to do chores to become happy, successful, productive adults. Guest, Larry Greenfield discusses Trump’s foreign policy (Trump Doctrine) and The Trump economy (Trumponomics). Under Obama, we had the worst economic performance in American history. Under Trump, it just continues to improve. We are now in our 128th month of consecutive growth.

Parental rights are dwindling!

Pacific Justice Institute’s (PJI) founder Brad Dacus says public education has had a chilling effect on students expressing their religious beliefs. But true tolerance goes both ways. And the courts agree, you can’t trample a student’s right to talk about their faith and beliefs.