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YES there are sane Democrats out there!

Aug 23, 2019 @ 6:00 pm - 6:55 pm PDT

Is Ruth Bader Ginsberg really up for continuing her job on SCOTUS? She is now fighting another bought of pancreatic cancer. We deserve to have someone there who is able to give 100%.

Conservative outlets are under attack ahead of the 2020 elections. If you like a particular news source SUPPORT THEM! If we don’t do it, they may not survive the targeted takedowns happening now.

NYT has targeted Western Journalism to discredit them.

Mother Miriam says, public schools instill godless values and beliefs in our children and are quickly becoming places of indoctrination and evil. She admonishes parents to step up and do their job to grow children in faith.

Democrat NJ lawmaker says that anyone who aids illegals in subverting the law is in violation of their oath of office. He says the rule of law requires they follow and apply ALL the laws, not just the ones they choose to further a political agenda.


Aug 23, 2019
6:00 pm - 6:55 pm PDT
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