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WTH? More sexual assault allegations at major networks

Nov 20, 2017 @ 6:00 pm - 6:55 pm PST

Kimberly Morin

Speaking of old news that new again: Senator Al Franken declares his dislike for homosexuals… 41 years ago. But now that the passage of time doesn’t matter, will they call for him to step down?


New Hampshire conservative independent writer and activist, Kimberly Morin says NH Democrat Jefferson Jackson Dinner name changed to Kennedy Clinton Dinner because Jefferson and Jackson were slave owners. Hmmm… so they changed it to sex offenders?

Democrats don’t really prop women up the way they say they do. Looks like their chickens are FINALLY going to come home to roost. Democrats are going to have to admit that they backed Bill Clinton ALL THESE YEARS! Bill Clinton fathered the rape culture.

Gloria Allred is a bad woman to represent women. She makes women look bad and ruins their credibility.

Kathy Griffin complains that she’s blacklisted. WAAAA… There are consequences to making BAD decisions. How’s it feel?


Nov 20, 2017
6:00 pm - 6:55 pm PST
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