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Will Trump be able to accomplish anything for the next 2 years!

Apr 23, 2019 @ 8:00 pm - 8:55 pm PDT

Gerard Lameiro

Will Trump be able to accomplish anything for the next 2 years!

Data forecasting expert, Dr. Gerard Lameiro predicts 2020 is going to be the Roaring 20’s all over again with a Conservative landslide!

The only person who colluded with the Russians was Hillary Clinton! Even the NYT and WaPo are starting to backtrack on the Steele Dossier, when they’ve been pushing it for 2 years.

There are now 21 Democrat candidates for President with 8 more in the wings, and 1 more that few are looking at. So we’re likely going to have a field of 30 running for the Democrat presidential nomination. The Democrat party is morphing into a socialist party. And there are a few who claim to be Communists, Marxists, and even Anarchists.

Right now, the top 3 are Bernie, Biden, and Buttigieg. They all 3 have major problems.

The trouble with Biden… trouble raising money, the creepiness factor, his political gaffs, and his age are working against him. He’s a Washington insider and the new socialists don’t think he’s socialist enough! And if he was really a leader he would have run before now.

There’s only been 7 historical presidential elections in our U.S. history. We’re going to have another one in 2020.


Apr 23, 2019
8:00 pm - 8:55 pm PDT
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