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White supremacy & Donald Trump the nuclear negotiator

Mar 28, 2016 @ 8:00 pm - 8:55 pm PDT

Wayne Allyn Root

How is a sign saying “All Lives Matter” a form of intimidation and white supremacy? It says ALL… not WHITE! And it doesn’t exclude non-whites. Yet somehow it’s a form of white supremacy to liberal college professors.

Wayne Allyn Root, capitalist evangelist, author, and political activist talks about the presidential campaign.

How can John Kasich be leading in the polls against Hillary? Nobody knows who he is!

Evangelical Libertarian… what you believe is up to you and I don’t need to know about it or approve of it.¬†What you do behind closed doors is your business!

Obama is a relentless socialist, Marxist, Communist. He should go to jail for treason. We need a Republican who’s just as relentless…

Donald Trump is a nuclear negotiator… negotiate or deal with the consequences.

Congressional Budget Office (CBO) misses Obamacare projections by 24 million people. In fact, it’s likely that Obamacare has REDUCED the number of people covered by private healthcare. We aren’t increasing the number of people covered, we’re just shuffling people around.

Robert DeNiro comes under fire for supporting anti-vaccine film from Tribeca. Why can’t we just have a conversation about controversial subjects without one side shutting the other down?