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Was the Trumpster Presidential?

Aug 31, 2016 @ 8:00 pm - 8:55 pm PDT

Rick Trader, Conservative Commandos Radio

Thick-headed voters already have their minds made up… NO matter what!

AND… Rick Trader, Host of Conservative Commandos Radio gives us the scoop on Donald Trump’s speech tonite (which aired during 2nd hour of the show!). Rick said he sounded very presidential and wondered WHERE HAS HE BEEN this whole campaign?

Trump’s immigration task force is NOT specifically to remove illegals but will. The goal is to vet refugees and make sure people who are already here are here legally and should be here.

Trump laid out a “Ten Point Plan”, here’s a few of the points:
1. You can’t become a citizen by illegally coming into the country
2. Triple border patrol
3. End catch and release
4. Work with Mexico to dismantle drug cartel
5. End sanctuary cities
6. Pass Kate’s Law
7. He will remove 2 million people in his first month

He didn’t pander or compromise but blamed both Hillary and Obama for having an open border policy. Compromise with Dems is equal to surrender!

Joe takes a call… a veteran discusses how hard it is for her and her veteran husband to get the care they need and are inundated with forms and paperwork, but refugees and illegals with no papers have no issue! It just isn’t right.

Did you know… radio is censored in Europe? Yep. That’s right. You think they’re like us, but they’re not. They don’t have free press or truly free speech. You want to speak your mind over airwaves, you better follow government guidelines! They envy us because we HAVE real freedom of speech. Imagine that!

The US State Department tap dances at a press conference to avoid answering a question about Russia “supposedly” bombing civilian hospitals in Syria. It’s embarrassing.

Do you have “do nothing” elected officials in your community? Stop electing them! In fact help REMOVE them. And whatever you do, don’t send them up to higher office at the state or federal level! Just STOP!