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War on Christmas abounds!, Healthcare assist, & Finance failure!

Dec 22, 2016 @ 6:00 pm - 8:55 pm PST

Joe Messina, The Real Side

Hr 1: Can someone please explain how singing Christmas carols at a Nativity display is damaging our children? More War on Christmas! Jesus does not injure people, especially if you believe He’s a fictional “legend”!

OMG… Joe just agreed with Chris Matthews. Legislators on neither side want a wall, otherwise we’d already have one. Republicans want cheap labor. Democrats want open borders. Chris argues with Rachel Maddow saying Hillary took the Hispanic vote for granted.

Hr 2: David Fischer with Landmark Capital says “Merry Christmas!”

If Trump does NOTHING to head it off, our debt will be $6 trillion higher in a decade!

Trickledown economics works by lowering taxes and creating quality jobs. Where it doesn’t work is bringing in enough tax revenues to cover the tax cuts. The debt will most likely have to go up. It’s like spending money to get out of debt. It doesn’t work.

Trump has no plans to repeal the Dodd Frank Act, which means our money is still in jeopardy of being seized by the government.

Hr 3: After 30 years without issue, Univ. of Kentucky deems the Beach Boys song “California Girls” too sexy and violating Title IX.

Dale Bellis, CEO of Liberty Healthshare explains that there really are alternatives to Obamacare and health insurance. Healthcare sharing is not a new concept. It’s person-to-person cost sharing.

Every North Carolina Senate Democrat voted against repealing HB2 described as the “Bathroom Bill” which requires people to use bathrooms that align with birth sex. Dems are screaming that it’s all the Republicans’ fault. But not ONE of them voted to repeal it. Maybe they didn’t realize what the repeal bill actually said??