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Voter Fraud… is it a real concern?

Mar 6, 2019 @ 7:00 pm - 7:55 pm PST

*****  GUEST HOST: Dave Sussman  *****

Why can’t we have a REAL conversation about the reality of voter fraud? You have to show your ID for EVERYTHING these days. Why not when we have to vote? When we’re talking about the super power of the world, votes determine who makes our laws and the future of our country. It’s important.

Guest Host Dave Sussman talks voter fraud and ballot harvesting, especially in California. Real? Or fake news?

With guest Malcolm McGough, California Political and Field Operations Director for the Trump/Pence Presidential Campaign. Ballot harvesting turned Red counties Blue in the 2018 election.

With ballot harvesting, chain of custody of the ballot is not controlled.

There’s a reason why Democrats don’t want voter ID.

Listener Ron asks: QUESTION: In your opinion Dave, is California and maybe New York to far gone to bring back from their idiocy?

Malcolm thinks we’re not too far gone and is looking forward to those states coming to their senses.

Liberals want to allow 16 year olds and illegals to vote. They’re trying to manufacture Democrat votes.


California is really 2 different states. The coastal cities and counties are Blue. The inland and western areas of the state are Red.

With California being adversarial toward ICE and giving sanctuary and welfare to illegals, it’s hard to see how we can turn it back to being Red.

312 Minnesota votes put Al Franken into the Senate and gave the Democrats a filibuster-proof vote which ushered in Obamacare. Every vote counts.

It took Dave 12 YEARS to gain U.S. citizenship. You don’t just get to come across the border. Most U.S. citizens couldn’t pass the test Dave had to pass to become a citizen. We’re entertaining ourselves to death when we should be EDUCATING ourselves!


Mar 6, 2019
7:00 pm - 7:55 pm PST
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