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Uproar over Pledge of Allegiance in NYC schools

Mar 20, 2017 @ 6:00 pm - 6:55 pm PDT

Kimberly Morin

A New York City elementary school sparked controversy this week when it installed American flags and started a daily ritual of reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. NYC schools haven’t been doing the Pledge since 2012 but realized that it’s part of the law and are fixing the problem. Parents were not happy! WHY? Since when did the Pledge of Allegiance become a politically charged issue?!?

Some parents are worried that it might make kids from other countries feel bad because they don’t know the Pledge. This is a PERFECT opportunity for them to learn it! Welcome to America! Learn why our nation and our flag are so awesome!


New Hampshire Conservative Independent Kimberly Morin says until we get rid of the people who were following Lois Lerner’s dictates, we’re going to continue having problems with the IRS treating conservative groups unfairly.

Conservative groups often wait YEARS for tax-exempt status, but the IRS approved a Satanic cult sponsoring an “After School Satan Club” in 10 days.

Why do these people coddle Islam SO much while bashing Christianity and Judiasm? First Amendment controversy brews over Texas high school’s prayer room. It’s a spot for Muslim students to pray, but don’t worry, non-Muslims can use it when it’s not in use???

Women fought for YEARS for their own teams because men have testosterone and are physically stronger than women. Now a man who identifies as a woman is competing against women in weightlifting, and “she” is destroying the competition. No kidding! Anyone who supports women’s rights should be against transgender laws for exactly THIS reason. They don’t want the SAME rights, they want SPECIAL rights.

SEIU is now paying day workers to make calls to Congress people to “advocate” a certain position. This is NOT grassroots!