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Steve Harvey takes heat over helping inner city kids. AND… Transgendering

Sep 5, 2017 @ 6:00 am - 6:00 pm PDT

Everyone’s talking DACA after the president announces he’ll end the program. But Republicans are talking about it (or staying silent!) for all the wrong reasons. They’re worried about re-election.

People are telling Steve Harvey to stand down on helping inner city kids because they don’t want it to happen under Trump. Ok, so which president IS it ok to help inner city kids under? Because Obama wasn’t the least bit interested. At least Trump wants to do something to help them!


***** REPLAY from Aug 1, 2017 *****

Former transgender Walt Hyer says my grandmother should have been put in jail for child abuse for what she did to me. Gender dysphoria should be treated with talk therapy, not hormones and surgery.

Suicides in transgenders has been a problem since 1979. Attempted suicide rate before and after transgender changes about 1%.

When you decide to transition you have TONS of support. When you decide to DE-transition, they tell you you’re a wacko!

Sex change regret starts between 3-15 years after transitioning.

Some sort of trauma triggers gender dysphoria. You have to get to the bottom of those co-morbid disorders and treat them. In every case, once those are treated, the desire to transition goes away. People who are hurting, hurt themselves. They’re struggling to find a way to escape the pain from whatever hurt them. Even if they have to change genders to do it.

There’s been no studies and no one can predict if transitioning children will be happier in 20 years. They are making life-altering decisions based on complete medical ignorance. They are withholding treatment that would actually prevent them from wanting to commit suicide.

For many schools, changing genders is more important than education.


Sep 5, 2017
6:00 am - 6:00 pm PDT
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