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Social Media Platforms Strike AGAIN!

May 7, 2020 @ 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm PDT

Good news for Gen. Flynn! Looks like we’re going to find out that the Obama Administration was even more corrupt than the Clintons. And the 2 of them together?!?

Vimeo shutdown our Real Side Channel today because of 2 COVID-19/Coronavirus videos we posted. They DELETED US!!

Joe discusses issues of the day with special guest, Alfonzo Rachel talking Covid, Flynn, freedom, online shadow banning of conservatives, Christians, our Constitutional rights, and more current events.

How did we turn Facebook into the purveyor of information? That was NEVER what they were supposed to be.

We don’t just need a competitor for social media. We need a competitor for a fair search engine.

Liberals are able to make so much progress because they lay so much groundwork in advance. They are able to push their propaganda thru persistent and relentless messaging. They never give up.

Talking Jesus, fighting the fight for God, and more common sense Bible wisdom for living in our current times. This may not be a Biblical plague, but when you hear news reports about “Murder Hornets” you might wanna take a look in the Good Book!