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Sidewalk Racism & Do Christians hate gay people?

Jul 21, 2017 @ 6:00 pm - 6:55 pm PDT

Xander Gibb

Black journalist opines that white women refuse to move out of his path on the sidewalk and force him to go around them because they are racist and afraid of him as a black man. Maybe they’re just thinking your a courteous man? Or they aren’t paying attention to where they’re going? Not everything is because you’re BLACK!


Xander Gibb, openly gay CONSERVATIVE talk show host of X-RAD says you can’t be too safe when driving. Responsible drivers don’t drive distracted by anything! Washington state aims to make sure by implementing a $136 fine!

Gay activist tells Rolling Stone, it’s time to punish the wicked Christians. Why stir up heat and hate that doesn’t need to be there? Work to bridge our differences.

Just because someone doesn’t support gay marriage doesn’t necessarily make them homophobic.

Flat-Earth conspiracy is making a comeback. Blame it on the education

This freedom of speech thing let’s all the crazies say whatever they want. LOL

Teens show NO remorse for just watching, mocking, and video recording a disabled man slowly drown in a pond. They didn’t even have the decency to call 911. What are we teaching our kids?


Jul 21, 2017
6:00 pm - 6:55 pm PDT
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