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Remember when it was ALL Bush’s fault? Not for Obama!

Feb 27, 2017 @ 7:00 pm - 7:55 pm PST

Joe Messina, The Real Side

First Liberals criticize Trump for the Carrier deal to keep jobs in the U.S. Now Liberals are saying it was already in the works under Obama. Really?

Ex-president Obama’s plan to defeat ISIS was to drop leaflets days before a planned bombing so that they’d have time to leave. And now Liberals are trying to give credit to Obama for Trump’s NEW plan to defeat ISIS… even though President Trump won’t TELL the media what the new plan is! I guess Trump will be dropping deadly leaflets now too?? Idiots!

How to plug the leaks in the Trump Admin… make a general announcement… one more lead, everyone is fired tomorrow at noon.

NYT publishes Fake News about Trump’s CPAC speech. They said he promised to throw “undocumented immigrants “the hell out of the country.”” What he REALLY said was, “finding the gang members, the drug dealers and the criminal aliens and throwing them the hell out of our country”. Who here has a problem removing illegal alien gang members and drug dealers from the country?

Saying the townhalls are not being infiltrated by paid disruptors is a LIE! There are Craigslist ads for the job. There are training sessions and handbooks telling them how to position themselves in the room and how to act (act out!)

Jorge Ramos from Univision says the U.S. belongs to Latino migrants, not American citizens. Why are letting this guy stay here?


Feb 27, 2017
7:00 pm - 7:55 pm PST
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