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Refugee resettlement, coming to a city near you!

Aug 22, 2016 @ 6:00 pm - 6:55 pm PDT

Brigitte Gabriel

Massachusetts charges Uber riders a 5 cent fee to subsidize taxi companies who are LOSING MONEY! This is NOT free market capitalism folks. Companies are supposed to sink or swim on their own merits, not be propped up by government on the backs of taxpayers! It’s a TAX not a FEE!


Brigitte Gabriel with ACT for America talks about Syrian refugees (who aren’t really Syrian) and ISIS. It’s not what the mainstream media says it is! And YES, it will affect you.

ACT for America has passed 43 bills in 22 states to improve national security.

Legislators admit that they count receiving a phone call or email from 1 person as representative of 1000 couch potato voters who didn’t make the effort. Your calls and correspondence DOES make a difference!

People who love America are who we should welcome to this country, not people who don’t want to assimilate to American culture, who don’t believe in religious freedom, or want to change our Constitutional foundation.

Minneapolis area has exported 42 Somali refugees back into the radical fight. This is a problem! Refugees are currently being resettled into a 100 mile radius around 190 American cities. Is one near you? ACTforAmerica is tracking them.

In our United States, there have been 143 cases where Sharia law has been used instead of our Constitution to decide court cases.