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Protesters are making the case FOR Trump

Nov 10, 2016 @ 8:00 pm - 8:55 pm PST

Michael Hausam

Now people are calling for Trump’s impeachment. Newsflash… HE ISN’T PRESIDENT YET!

One writer says, anti-Trump protesters are making a HUGE mistake and asks why make Trump an enemy before you even give him a chance to be an ally?

Michael Hausam, Host of HausRules joins Joe to debrief on the election from a Libertarian point of view. This was less of an issue of Trump winning than it was of Hillary losing.

Joe says that Trump listened to the people who had been ignored for 8 years. So they were highly motivated to get out and vote for him.

It’s a sin that we have children afraid to go to school for fear of being shot in cities like Chicago. And it’s despicable that we bow down to Liberals who don’t want to bring in heavily armed law enforcement to protect our children and take out the riff-raff with illegal arms. Why are they more concerned with protecting criminals than children?