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Protest v. Riot, Presidential politics, Transgender bathroom issues, & Political correctness

Apr 29, 2016 @ 6:00 pm - 6:55 pm PDT

Joe Messina, The Real Side, Xander Gibb

Jumping on police cars and beating people up is NOT a protest… it’s a RIOT! That makes you a CRIMINAL! It started yesterday in Costa Mesa, CA and got out of hand. And then again today in Burlingame, CA, but a little more tame.


Xander Gibb talks presidential politics, transgender bathroom issues, and political correctness.

He says Donald Trump is not running on the right ticket. He’s not a true Republican.

Target just reversed their bathroom policy. Xander thinks it’s a PR stunt.

Xander says the LGBT community is responsible for these issues being so explosive. It’s a commercial enterprise. If they aren’t making a ruckus over the “issues,” they aren’t making money. So they have to blow the issues up. It’s job security. If they didn’t try to legislate everything, the changes would happen naturally. Instead, they’re trying to force acceptance through legislation. That doesn’t work well.

Woman wants all the perks of maternity leave — without having any kids. She’s calling it MEternity. Uh… it’s not a vacation!