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Pop Culture Crazy Stuff! Charter school rapper & Easter egg trampling

Mar 28, 2016 @ 7:00 pm - 7:55 pm PDT

Andrea Nelson

Sean “Diddy” Combs is opening a Charter School in Harlem. That should be interesting…

Bill Maher slams President Obama for lying about Islam!

Andrea Nelson, from the Clover Agency, joins Joe to discuss recent news events that you probably won’t hear anywhere else.

Kids getting trampled by adults during Easter egg hunts. What are we coming too when adults couldn’t care less about other people’s children?

George W. Bush left this waitress a huge tip, and her Tweet about it went viral. She says it was a joke. Not funny.

Clemson University student senator accused of racism for holding gun in campaign poster.

Good grief! University of North Dakota assistant professor calls 911 whenever ROTC performs exercises in the quad.

Kroger posts signs: “We have a UNISEX bathroom because sometimes gender specific toilets put others into uncomfortable situations.” Andrea says, sometimes unisex bathrooms make the rest of us uncomfortable? What was wrong with “family bathrooms”?

Obama’s Cuban trip was embarrassing all around.

Hillary doesn’t like Bernie’s “tone of voice”… pot, meet kettle!

Why hasn’t Ted Cruz been more direct in denouncing the allegations of affairs?