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PolitiChicks: What is Conservative Political Activism

Jun 13, 2017 @ 6:00 pm - 6:55 pm PDT

Attorney General Jeff Sessions hearing today… now Democrats are calling for his resignation saying he lied or obstructed. Funny… they didn’t call for Eric Holder or Loretta Lynch’s resignations or recusals. Hypocrites.


The PolitiChicks, Ann-Marie, Sonya, Morgan join Joe to discuss their new book … “A Clarion Call to Political Activism.”

Conservatives need to STOP waiting for someone else to do it and get on it. Fight back. Push back. And #STAND! #PolitiChicks are on with Joe tonite!

Whatever truth we bring to the table, Liberals twist it around to be something it’s not. How do you fight that?! ~ Morgan Brittany

During 1950’s Hollywood, there was still a true love of country. It flipped around in the 60’s and is just getting worse. ~ Morgan Brittany

The middle of the country thinks it couldn’t happen to them, but those safe red areas are exactly who the Democrats are targeting! ~ Ann-Marie Murrell

We can’t stop telling the story of Jesus just because the Left tells us to. Lives are being changed. ~ Sonya Sasser

Over the last 30 years, demonization of religion is part of pop culture. It runsĀ in undercurrents in TV shows. Hollywood is in your face to takedown anyone who puts a positive light on Christianity and religion. ~ Morgan Brittany

The PolitiChicks goal is to encourage others to become activists, and to use whatever gifts and talents they possess to get involved in all aspects of the political process.

Freedom and liberty must be maintained and protected with vigilance and with the constant support of the American people. Without that vigilance, tyranny moves in. We refuse to allow that to happen on our watch.


Jun 13, 2017
6:00 pm - 6:55 pm PDT
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