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Paul Ryan says he’s a “classical liberal”

Oct 20, 2016 @ 8:00 pm - 8:55 pm PDT

Paul Ryan says he’s a “classical liberal.” REALLY?!?!?

When we have a presidential and vice presidential candidate who say that Christian scripture needs to be rewritten to include gay marriage, Christians need to wake up.


John L. Hancock, author and President of Liberty Lane Foundation weighs in on the debate. The debate was able to highlight some of Hillary’s extreme Left stances. But at this late date, will it really change the outcome of the election? I don’t believe polls. There are so many people who are secretly voting for Trump but are afraid to admit it because he’s been so vilified by the media.

Republicans are being wrongly classified as conservatives trying to protect the wealthy ruling class. But it’s not the truth.

Classical Liberalism can NEVER become fascist. Modern Liberalism CAN become fascist.

Get to know your local electeds NOW before you elect them to higher office. Know who they are. Cut them off at the pass and replace them with someone better! Dog Catcher is a starting point, a career path. Don’t promote them. It’s easier to defeat them locally than it is when they start running at state and federal levels.