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Pandering for the black vote

Aug 23, 2016 @ 7:00 pm - 7:55 pm PDT

Corey Prez Duncan

A U.S. Navy sailor took a selfie while in one of our nuclear submarines and will be spending the next year in prison, followed by 6-months home confinement, and then 3 years supervised release. But Hillary… nothin’!


Mad black man from Baltimore, Corey Duncan gives us the Baltimore update and talks about Hillary and the Dems pandering to blacks.

Two Baltimore officers acquitted in Freddie Gray’s death will now be awarded back pay after being suspended without pay for over a year. Any statement from Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake or State Attorney Marilyn Mosby? NOPE.

Hillary Clinton is bought and paid for. And now she’s playing the black people just to get their vote.

I don’t want Trump to calm down. Keep being Trump. It’s called ENTHUSIASM!

The only way Hillary wins is if she steals it. Take your WHOLE family to go see “Hillary’s America.”