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Obama and Hillary school us on being American and Christians

Oct 12, 2016 @ 6:00 pm - 6:55 pm PDT

Kathy Barnette

Hillary says people chanting USA at Trump rallies are unAmerican. You just can’t listen to anything that woman says! She thinks it’s better to orchestrate USA chants at her rallies than the spontaneous chants at Trump rallies.


Conservative Christian mom, activist, and vlogger at TruthExchange.net Kathy Barnette says all of a sudden Liberals want to grow a moral conscience because of Trump’s words, but they’re OK with abortion and rape. Hillary’s camp should’ve told her to stay away from all issues of morality. WAY TOO many skeletons in HER closet! After this campaign, no one will be able to vote for Hillary and say that they did not know how evil this woman is.

Regarding coming out as a conservative in a black, Democrat family… My black family would’ve responded better if I’d come out as atheist than when I came OUT at a Conservative!

Hillary called black men SUPER-predators. Kathy asks the black community… How do you feel about THAT?