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Networks squelching testimonies of FL survivors. & 2018: Republican win!

Mar 9, 2018 @ 7:00 pm - 7:55 pm PST

Gerard Lameiro

Major networks won’t let survivors tell their stories about FL shooting!


Author and economist, Dr. Gerard Lameiro predicts a strong victory for the Republicans in 2018 and a Conservative super-majority until 2050. Think he is right?

Research uncovered a “General Patton trend”… the American people were looking for another great leader and a tough negotiator.

The numbers are getting stronger for Conservatives in the Senate. There’s no way there’s going to be a Blue Wave. RedTidalWave #datamodels

And a super majority of Conservatives on the Supreme Court.

I don’t do polls. I do computer data modeling. There are lots of numbers our there.

Negative agendas don’t usually work. A booming peaceful economy drives the election.

More predictions you’ll see in the book:

  • The Democrat Party is in the decline and will be gone in a few years.
  • Republican Party will split into Conservatives and Progressives
    • Minority party will be Progressive Republicans made up of estab Reps and Conservative Dems.
  • Conservative enlightenment: People are seeing what the Democrat Party is all about. Sanctuary cities and states, criminality, and pure hate.
  • Return to faith in God will continue to accelerate.
  • Renaissance of reason. People are waking up to junk science with political motives.
  • Restoration of true education and elimination of indoctrination. New trend where donors are cutting funds to colleges over free speech issues.
  • Rebirth of freedom and morality.
  • Unprecedented prosperity.
  • There’s a trend that people are turned off by Facebook and Twitter.

In his new book “MORE Great news for America” he makes 8 new predictions.