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Mueller mobsters still chasing Corsi!

May 5, 2020 @ 7:00 pm - 7:55 pm PDT

Why does Dr. Anthony Fauci’s name appear on 4 U.S. patents for a key glycoprotein that appears to have been inserted into a SARS virus chassis to create the current COVID-19 epidemic?

The legal portal Justia.com lists the following “patents by inventor Anthony S. Fauci” involving a glycoprotein found in the HIV-1, a disease that attacks the human immune system, leading to the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, more commonly known as AIDS.  In 1990, Fauci held the same position at the NIH that he holds today. Fauci made his mark around the anti-viral medications that were developed by Big Pharma to combat the AIDS epidemic raging at that time.

Dr, Jerome Corsi joins Joe to discuss the Fauci follies, TeleMD and the continued embarrassments by Mueller leftovers against him.

Mueller was trying to put Corsi in prison for not having contact with Julian Assange. Their plea deal for Corsi would have required him to lie under oath or face 25 years in prison. He refused to lie. They never indicted him. If they’d had any evidence, he would have been indicted. That was in 2018. Yet there are still Mueller contacts harassing him.

CorsiNation.com launched TeleMD program to have a licensed doctor in your state contact you. You can have a doctor visit and have medication delivered to your front door without ever having to leave their home.

There HAVE been clinical trials for hydroxychloroquine. https://clinicaltrials.gov/. Dr. Fauci doesn’t want to approve it. It’s cheap and readily available. It’s been approved for years as being safe. But suddenly it’s not safe, but only for COVID-19.

Dr. Fauci is corrupt. He was being investigated, but then FBI Dir James Comey stopped the investigation.


May 5, 2020
7:00 pm - 7:55 pm PDT
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