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Modern Liberalism & A little comedic break

Mar 6, 2015 @ 10:00 pm - 10:55 pm PST

Evan Sayet

Eating 3 meals a day is racist? Yet another example of watering down the true meaning of racism. Just stop it!

Evan Sayet stops by to talk about his Heritage Foundation speech 8 years ago that’s still making waves. In what he calls his Unified Field Theory of Liberalism, he says modern liberalism has NO values because nothing is better than anything else & success is unjust.

Talking about Netanyahu’s speech and why American Jews vote the way they do. The more Jewish you are by choice and by practice, the less you vote Democrat. Modern liberalism is the antithesis of Judiasm. Voting Jews see 2 parties: 1, the party of NO values and 2, the party of Christians.


Mar 6, 2015
10:00 pm - 10:55 pm PST