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Minimum wage job losses, Washington who?, & Lawlessness killing free speech

Mar 11, 2016 @ 8:00 pm - 8:55 pm PST

Jason Wert

First it was Obamacare, now it’s the minimum wage… Oregon State Univ. has to cut even more jobs.

Man on the street, Mark Dice asksĀ people who our nation’s capital was named after. Do you know?


USARadio Sr. Correspondent, Jason Wert, Moveon.org and Bernie Sanders supporters were the ones who came out to riot outside Donald Trump’s rally. They are mostly college students who don’t even want to let conservatives speak on their campus. And the media blames it on Trump.

As long as we have 2 sides who are so blinded by their zealotry that they can’t realize their own contributions to the divisive problems we have, we will continue to have problems like the Trump rally in Chicago tonite.

Donald Trump isn’t doing anything that wasn’t done to get Barack Obama elected. He’s just taking it to the next level.

Why is it considered a weakness to criticize your own side for the questionable things they do?

There’s a difference between protesting and breaking the law. Lawlessness is being allowed under the guise of political correctness. That should never happen.