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Journalists support false Trump Tweet!

Dec 16, 2016 @ 8:00 pm - 8:55 pm PST

Joe Messina, The Real Side

21 journalists Tweet support for the Politico “journalist” who Tweeted the lie that Trump was having sex with his daughter.

Did you hear, the spokeswoman for District of Columbia Public Schools announced on her personal social media pages that she’d like to abolish all white men?

If Obama really cared about kids, he’d support vouchers and charter schools as public school options.

There wasn’t enough evidence for prosecutors to arrest the accused, but their college decided to suspend them anyway for sexual assault. Why? Because the Dept of Education recommends schools use a MUCH LOWER standard of evidence or lose federal funding. So you don’t actually need any REAL evidence to punish kids. Just a suspicion or accusation will do. Did I mention… law enforcement declined to pursue charges after watching a video of the incident in question.