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Is there a Government Shutdown in our future?

Jul 31, 2018 @ 7:00 pm - 7:55 pm PDT

Gerard Lameiro

Would you donate an organ to keep Justice Ginsberg alive? She says she won’t be stepping down until she’s at least 90 and there are people in place to ensure a more Liberal replacement. Now Ginsberg’s admirers are offering to donate whatever vital organs she needs just to keep her alive. Good grief!

Dr.¬†Gerard Lameiro¬†discusses chances of a govt shutdown. The only time I’m wrong is when I don’t read my own forecast models!

Ocasio-Cortez is pretty far off on EVERYTHING!

The Democrat Party is almost over. I give them about a year now before they fold. They’re showing all the signs of the Whigs. They’re ignoring the will of the voters. They have leadership issues with a bunch of dinosaurs in power and clueless young people who aren’t ready to lead.

Trump threatening a shutdown is firing up his base. He’s tired of Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell dragging their feet against the will of the people.

Since 1789, the pattern is… every 24-36 years the electorate changes the Party politics. Dr. Lameiro predicts the Republican Party will split into a Conservative wing and a Progressive wing.

Ginsburg thinks she’s going to wait out Trump. Everyone who tries to wait out Trump, loses.

Anonymous sources?!?! Are these Deep State operatives trying to make Trump look bad? Consider the source. Fake News. The missile tests have stopped. The U.S. West Coast is no longer being threatened. Japan is no longer being threatened. Who’s fueling the story that North Korea is still building their nuclear arsenal?


Jul 31, 2018
7:00 pm - 7:55 pm PDT
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