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Is the Wasserman-Schultz IT scandal about to make her hair go straight?

Sep 13, 2017 @ 8:00 pm - 8:55 pm PDT

Andrea Kaye , Julio Rivera

Andrea Kaye guest hosts for Joe!

Telethon that was supposed to be about raising money for the hurricane victims, but quickly devolved into a political diatribe about climate change! Let’s hope all the $44 million they raised actually gets to the victims.

Faith-based programs provided most of the support after Hurricane Katrina.

A young white boy was strung up and lynched in a rap music video. What mother would let their 5 year-old go thru that?

Reactionary Times editor, Julio Rivera says this rapper is just trying to get attention. Now they’re normalizing a horrifically racist display. It’s despicable.

Talk to anyone who lived through the Great Depression about white privilege. It’s a HUGE racist LIE!

In addition to everything else they’re doing, the Left is also erasing their own racist history.

Kristian Saucier was given a medieval sentence under Obama. 99% of these cases would have been handled non-judicially. 6 photos of low-level classification compared to HOW MANY high-level classified documents on Hillary Clinton’s server?

Kristian was in service for 11 years, nearing retirement, and lost his career. Now with this on his record, even in the private sector, he’s a felon. Where’s the pardon that Trump talked about? He shouldn’t have gotten his hopes up while campaigning if he had no intention of doing it.

Julio says, if any state should be well-acquainted with the horror of illegal immigration, it would be California.

And now College Park, Maryland has decided to allow illegal immigrants to vote!

The wife of DWS’s IT guy is about to testify against her.

When Democrats had a veto-proof majority, what did they do… they rammed Communism down our throats with Obamacare! They are finished as a Party.

Andrea predicts, we’re not going to see the swamp drained with Jeff Sessions as AG. If we make someone like Hillary Clinton accountable for her actions it will send a CLEAR message that Americans will not put up with that garbage!

There’s no way that Obama didn’t know that the IRS had been weaponized against everyday Americans.


Andrea Kaye is a TV and is currently Host of Nationally Syndicated “The Andrea Kaye Show”Radio talk show, on-camera spokesperson, print model, actor, and producer.


Sep 13, 2017
8:00 pm - 8:55 pm PDT
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