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Is Suicide on rise in US? & School BANS American flag?

Aug 9, 2017 @ 7:00 pm - 7:55 pm PDT

In Denmark, they’re setting up a new program to stop terrorism… Hug a Terrorist to de-radicalize them.

Michigan School District issues dress code do’s and don’ts. Guess what’s on the list? The American flag is a DON’T. Is that an image of the flag, or the colors of the flag? Does that include a flag patch?


Ray Comfort is the producer of EXIT: The Appeal of Suicide. Why are more and more people turning to suicide when things go sideways in life? Ray says he asks people questions that aren’t usually asked.

When asking about depression, Mayo Clinic and WHO have no idea what causes depression. If they don’t know what causes it, how are they trying to fix it?

When you become a Christian, you’re given a parachute that takes the fear out of death. For those without a belief in God, suicide rate is MUCH higher. We have an entire generation with no roots in God. It’s so sad.

I’m blown away by the genius of God’s handiwork. When you’re a Christian, your eyes are opened up and there’s a song in your heart. There is HOPE!

Atheists believe that nothing created something. How is that scientific?

Suicide is doing yourself harm and preventing God from intervening with a miracle.

Ray Comfort’s new movie “Exit” the appeal of suicide! Ray is the best-selling author of more than 60 books. He is also the co-host of an award-winning television program (with actor Kirk Cameron) which is seen in 123 countries. He has spoken on the subject of atheism at Yale and other prestigious universities, debated on ABC’s Nightline, written, God Doesn’t Believe in AtheistsThe Atheist Test (booklet–over one million copies sold), You can Lead an Atheist to Evidence But You can’t Make Him Think, and, Evolution: A Fair Tale For Grownups (Bridge Logos). He was a platform speaker for American Atheists, Inc., at their 2001 National Convention. Ray and his wife Sue live in Southern California.


Aug 9, 2017
7:00 pm - 7:55 pm PDT
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