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Hurricane Harvey: How soon is too soon to politicize?

Aug 30, 2017 @ 6:00 pm - 6:55 pm PDT

Andrea Kaye Guest Hosting for Joe. Give her some TRS love!

It’s the 12th Anniversary of Katrina.

Trump was right that there was 2 extremist sides in Charlottesville.

When it comes to Houston, you know he was successful when the worst thing they can say is that the 1st lady wore stilettos instead of sneakers!

Should we talk politics in relation to disasters? Absolutely! If we’re looking to the govt to help, we need to talk about it!

Julio Rivera, from ReactionaryTimes talks Hurricane Harvey with Andrea.

The MyPillow guy gave 60k pillows to the hurricane Harvey relief effort and other celebrities have donated as well.

Free speech isn’t just about speech that you like.

What’s the line between free speech and the private market?

Has the GOP finally been exposed for the liars and fraud that they are? Andrea says she sees no reason to vote Republican anymore. Julio says there’s still alot of good guys out there that we need to support. We have to maintain both majorities to move legislation.

Why won’t Jeff Sessions call Antifa a terrorist organization? Why won’t he call for a special investigation against the Clintons? He’s been one of the biggest disappointments of the administration. Julio says maybe Sessions has just been there too long. #SwampMonster. Why doesn’t he want to go after the Clintons?

The rule of law applies to everyone. It doesn’t matter what party you are.

Pardons were meant to correct an injustice. Which is what happened in Sheriff Arpaio’s case.

Profiling isn’t a bad thing. It’s called “policing”! ~ Julio Rivera

Did Paul Ryan just align himself with Antifa? Looks that way! ~ Andrea

Andrea Kaye is a TV and is currently Host of Nationally Syndicated “The Andrea Kaye Show”Radio talk show, on-camera spokesperson, print model, actor, and producer. She joins Joe to discuss important issues of the day!


Aug 30, 2017
6:00 pm - 6:55 pm PDT
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