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How to protect against the Coronavirus…

Apr 16, 2020 @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm PDT

Dr. Joel Wallach author of Dead Doctors Don’t Lie AND founder of Youngevity joins Joe to discuss how you can protect yourself against viruses and stay healthy.


Dr. Wallach’s research has resulted in the publication of more than 70 peer reviewed and refereed journal articles in the fields of nutrition and pharmaceutical research, and he has made major contributions to eight multi-authored text and reference books on these subjects.

Plants only need 3 mineral nutrients from the soil to grow, but we need 60 to keep your tissues maintaining and repairing themselves.

Italy has 10% mortality rate. Germany’s rate of death is one of the lowest, even though people are getting the virus. How is that? 186 countries have Coronavirus infections.

The most important part of your immune system is bone marrow. When eating gluten every day, your bone marrow cavity gets gunked up with scar tissue and can’t make white blood cells and antibodies to fight viruses.

Gluten will also damage your intestines: celiac disease, crones disease, etc.

Get rid of gluten and take your 90 essential nutrients. Doing this would eliminate the Coronavirus problem within 2-4 weeks.

Dr. Wallach answers a question from chatroom: How do blood thinners like Warfarin affect the immune system? Blood clots are a deficiency of one single nutrient and gluten damage.

Cholesterol deficiency causes Alzheimer’s disease, ED, and menopause at age 20.  Cholesterol makes up 95% of the weight of testosterone and estrogen, and 75% of your brain weight. Dr. Wallach says, cholesterol is your friend and blood cholesterol should be 350-550. Cholesterol doesn’t cause plaque in the arteries. Fried foods and oils causes that.

Pica = hungry all the time. Healthy KETO diet.


Apr 16, 2020
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm PDT
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