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How did Planned Parenthood turn the tables on the reporter who caught them!

Nov 18, 2019 @ 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm PST

Democrat Mayor of Muncie, Indiana caught in corruption. Theft of public funds.

Al Sharpton was paid HOW MUCH from his “charity”? Why isn’t this big news? If it was a conservative, it’d be on EVERY headline!

Mark Meuser Constitutional and Election Law Attorney from the Dhillon Law Group on to discuss the recent Planned Parenthood ruling and the future of the Republican party in California.

PP got caught in 2015 selling baby body parts for profit. Even though they were committing a crime, they claimed victimhood, filed an injunction.

Judge’s wife is very closely affiliated with a PP organization, but the judge refused to recuse himself. The judge refused to allow the defendant to present all of the information he had and other questionable instances of what appears to bias.

There are 2 different Trump tax return cases moving thru the courts, one in California and one in New York.

President Nixon was the first president to release his tax returns. But it’s still not law. And the FEC filings actually require more information to be released than you’ll find on a tax return.

Our Constitutional rights are supposed to protect us from the government. But every Democrat candidate is telling us what they’re going to do to get MORE involved in every aspect of our lives.

In California, it’s about even conservative v. liberal voters. More people identify as middle of the road. Which means those middle of the road people are likely to swing. We have to give them a reason too. The problem is Republicans aren’t turning out to vote because they’ve been conditioned to believe they’re going to lose anyway.

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