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Hot stories of the week… Impeachment, Vaping, and MORE!

Dec 20, 2019 @ 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm PST

I thought people wanted to protect children at all costs? If banned all guns would save one kid, it was worth it, right? Why aren’t they as extreme about vaping? And marijuana?

Joe Biden wants Christians who oppose LGBT lifestyles put on a terror watch list. A TERROR WATCH LIST! Because they have a DIFFERING OPINION! Not because they’re violent or dangerous. Welcome to 1984 “thought crimes” edition if Biden is elected. How about Biden advocate for protections for ALL religious groups?

Turning Point USA releases real stories from young people who were attacked (by ADULTS!) and relentlessly harassed simply for having a conservative viewpoint.

Psychotherapist says that when you call someone a “nerd” or “geek” you should be brought up on “hate crime” charges. Are we now going to make everything that offends anyone a “hate crime”??? How about you just suck it up and ignore ignorant people. You can’t control what others say and do. Thicken up!

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