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Hillary was running from reporters. She couldn’t even stand last week!

Sep 27, 2016 @ 7:00 pm - 7:55 pm PDT

Kimberly Morin

Did you notice how Hillary was whisked out of the debate venue last night? Trump stayed to talk with reporters and answer questions. Not Hillary.


Conservative Independent, Kimberly Morin says she’s objective about the debate because she doesn’t like either candidate equally. Trump was a little too reserved. He could have hit her harder with facts that would have put her on defense.

Last night’s debate was all about the UNDECIDED voters. Trump did fine. Hillary looked like the career politician that everyone is running from.

The annual Democrat Jefferson Jackson Dinner has been renamed to the¬†Kennedy Clinton Dinner. They didn’t want it named after former slave owners anymore. Better they should have 2 womanizers, one of them an accused rapist!

Trump agreeing with tying the terror watch list to gun control means he’s planning to take away 2 Constitutional rights… due process and the 2nd Amendment.

Kimberly says, I don’t care if you believe you’re a unicorn. Just don’t shove it down MY throat. Do what you want and leave me alone to do the same.