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H-1B Visas and the Muslim “ban”

Feb 8, 2017 @ 6:00 pm - 6:55 pm PST

Brigitte Gabriel

Employers want an expansion of the H-1B work visa program because they want to hire cheap, immobile labor — i.e., foreign workers. Trump wants to level the playing field so American workers can compete.


Brigitte Gabriel, expert on terrorism and founder of ActForAmerica, says the Executive Order is not a “ban” on Muslims, it’s a moratorium on immigration. The top 5 Muslim countries in the world are not part of the so-called “ban”.

It doesn’t matter what Trump does, the Left will criticize it. Trump could walk on water and the Left would say “he doesn’t know how to swim.”

Sign the petition for Trump to stand his ground on the immigration Executive Order at ActForAmerica.com.

Right now, there is no counterbalance to Iran, and that’s a problem!

In Christianity, the more devout someone becomes, the nicer they become. Under Islam, the more devout they become, the more radical they become. Quran Law commands them to punish infidels. There is no such thing as loving your enemies.

Can Muslim states and Israel ever get along or is it just a spiritual fight that will always exist? Prophet Muhammad’s last words before he died were, “kill the Jews until the day of judgement.” Do you really think a devout Muslim (who follows the Prophet Muhammad) will want to get along with Jews?

Does that mean we can’t trust ANY Muslims? No. But you do need to exercise wisdom and good judgement. Like Pres. Reagan said, Trust but verify.

ActForAmerica is the NRA of National Security.