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Free speech violations in full swing!

Dec 13, 2019 @ 8:00 pm - 8:55 pm PST

Messing with the nativity, again. Why can’t people just have a little respect and leave it alone?

The climate change protesters who rushed the Harvard/Yale football field are facing consequences. Time for some community service. 5 hours. Seriously? What will they be doing for those 5 hours? Remember when that happened, several prominent Democrats commended their actions.

Professor teaches kids about “queer ecology”. I’m gonna need some help with this one. Queer animals, queer colonialists, queer future. The purpose? To examine everything through a queer lens. Because that’s what we need our next leaders to focus on, right?

NY school district allows students to start a gay club, but won’t allow them to start a Christian club. Uh oh. Can anyone say unConstitutional? Time to educate the educators.

If you want to see what level freedom of speech is being squelched on our college campuses, go see “No Safe Spaces”. This is a MUST SEE MOVIE!

Faculty on a California college campus claims having Republican groups on campus makes the campus unsafe.


Dec 13, 2019
8:00 pm - 8:55 pm PST
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