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FBI agents don’t want to work for Hillary

Oct 18, 2016 @ 6:00 pm - 6:55 pm PDT

Corey Prez Duncan, Voter

What’s it going to take to make these politicians understand that gun control isn’t working. Those laws just create human targets! Chicago just had another 12 shootings LAST NIGHT!


Corey Duncan says either you’re with Trump or you’re with her and the terrorists. Follow the money!

You have to understand what Communism and Socialism is before we can have a serious conversation about Hillary.

Obama doesn’t want to be POTUS, he wants to be President of the UN and the World!

We need someone who isn’t a career politician. That’s why we need Trump. And that’s why we see established Republicans like the Bush’s lining up with career politician Hillary Clinton.

Trump needs to hit Hillary with the REAL questions… how will you put people back to work and how will you strengthen our military? Stop playing games and name-calling. Anyone with an IQ knows about her character. Go for issues.

In the REAL world, Hillary wouldn’t even be running, she’d be arrested and in prison.

FBI documents show senior FBI agents refused to be assigned to Hillary‘s security detail. Describing her treatment of them as unpleasant, rude, and contemptuous. Character matters! They’d rather be assigned in Afghanistan than have to protect her! Hmmm…

Shane and Sia Barbi, better known as the Barbi Twins of Playboy centerfold and cover model fame, say the media is wrong about Trump. They spent plenty of time with Trump through the years, and he always behaved professionally and as a gentlemen.