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Dossier false allegations? Fact or Fiction?

Oct 25, 2017 @ 6:00 pm - 6:55 pm PDT

Andrea Kaye

**** Andrea Kaye Guest Hosts Tonight ****

When they got to the bottom of the Russian collusion scandal, guess who they found? Hillary and the DNC. Anyone surprised?

John Cardillo, former NYPD and host of “Off the Cuff” on RebelTV says Mueller has FAR too many conflicts of interest to continue on the Russia Special Investigation.

Why aren’t MLB players taking a knee? Players are taught in baseball to respect the league, the fans, the owners, the teams, and America. NFL has become a league of thugs who respect no one and have more criminals.

Podesta Group is a pretty good bipartisan lobbying group.

FBI doesn’t send SWAT teams in for suspected white collar crimes unless you’re just trying to intimidate someone. So why did they raid Paul Manafort’s home?

Robert Mueller has FAR too many conflicts of interest to continue on the Russia Special Investigation.

Using AG Jeff Sessions’ recusal logic, no Senator or Congressperson could hold the position of AG because there’s no one who wouldn’t have a perceived conflict of interest. He shouldn’t have recused himself. And he CAN un-recuse himself. So why doesn’t he?

Trey Gowdy talks tough, but backs down when Paul Ryan tells him to. Paul DeSantis is one to watch. He’s standing up against Paul Ryan.

There should be indictments, illegals warrants were obtained based on an unvetted dossier. The FBI paid a foreign national (MI6 agent) for info about a pres candidate and shared it with the Obama Admin and Clinton campaign. An FEC complaint has been filed against the Clinton campaign b/c they paid for the dossier, $9 million in opp research but HID it from the FEC. This isn’t dirty, it’s filthy.

At the VERY least, Comey should be disbarred. But even WORSE, it appears he purgered himself to Congress!

Vegas is the MOST surveilled place on the planet. Too many things don’t make sense.


Andrea Kaye is a TV and is currently Host of Nationally Syndicated “The Andrea Kaye Show”Radio talk show, on-camera spokesperson, print model, actor, and producer. She is in to guest host for Joe!


Oct 25, 2017
6:00 pm - 6:55 pm PDT
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