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Does Atheism Kill?

Mar 7, 2018 @ 7:00 pm - 7:55 pm PST

Dick’s Sporting Goods under fire for not allowing a firearm sale to 20 year-old who is legally allowed to purchase a firearm. Lawsuit ensues citing Oregon’s age discrimination laws.


Barak Lurie joins Joe to discuss his new book “Atheism Kills: The Dangers of a World Without God – And Cause for Hope” saying, I set out to prove atheism held the moral standard. I had to admit, I was wrong.

And ideology is only as good as it’s impact.

Atheists who don’t admit that atheism is either a religion or ideology aren’t being honest with themselves.

It’s far more embracing of intellect to believe in God.

You cannot have free will without a creator that gives it to you.

Science is the best tool to find God. He gave it to us to prove that He exists. Catholic church developed science and medicine. If it was opposition to God, why would they do that?

Atheism has killed more people than anything else in human history. Fascism and Communism are godless ideologies (200 million plus!). 5000 people died in the inquisition. And about 1 million during the Crusades over 300 years.

Atheism kills people, as well as love, humor, and science.

The Bible is only illogical if you think it’s been fabricated.

Ask an atheist… what GOOD have you done in the name of atheism?


Barak Lurie is a managing partner of the firm Lurie & Seltzer in Los Angeles, California. Barak obtained his BA with honors at Stanford University in 1985, and his JD and MBA at the UCLA School of Law and Anderson School of Business in 1989. He is the host of The Barak Lurie Show, a popular and riveting radio program heard Sunday mornings on AM870, KRLA in Los Angeles. He was born in Israel and serves on many pro-Christian and pro-Israel boards. Barak is a former atheist who turned to God after using logic, science, and probabilities.

Barak pulls no punches as he makes the case for the existence of God—and shows the dangers of atheism. He beats down atheists with a club of reason, history, and science, and exposes atheists’ flawed assumptions. Barak’s many articles, podcasts, and speeches on atheism and its dangers have made him a declared and decorated champion of Christianity and Judaism, and their crucial roles in all the values we hold dear in Western civilization. Barak is a lover of God, America, and Israel, and an avid mountain biker and vegan. He and his wife Stacey have three children and live in California.


Mar 7, 2018
7:00 pm - 7:55 pm PST
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