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Del Beccaro on impeachment follies!

Jan 30, 2020 @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm PST

Tom Del Beccaro

Democrat presidential wanna-be Michael Bloomberg says it’s important to tax poor people more so that they can live longer and be happy. Huh?!? How out of touch IS HE?!?

Tom Del Beccaro joins Joe to this week’s impeachment follies!

President has to have completely PURE motives in every decision he makes, otherwise it’s an impeachable offense. To adopt this standard is to say that NO ONE could be elected EVER, because politics is political! They couldn’t live up to the standard that they’re trying to define. House Democrats are INSANE!

Tom predicts that the trial will end by Saturday and no witnesses will be called.

Impeachment has been a cover and distraction to prevent people from hearing what Dem candidates are actually saying.

Bernie Sanders could easily win the nomination because such a large segment of the Dem party is socialist.

Michael Bloomberg should be no where near power. He’s already proven that the rules don’t apply to him. He’s planning to run an anti-gun ad during the Super Bowl. Doesn’t he know that most football fans are also gun advocates? He doesn’t have a clue who his audience is.

Trump is the most conservative president we’ve had in a LONG time.

Tom is an acclaimed author, speaker and the former Chairman of the California Republican Party. His latest book is “The Divided Era: How We Got Here and the Keys to America’s Reconciliation.”  


Rep. Maxine Waters says that if the Senate doesn’t convict Trump and remove him from office, they’ll just impeach him again.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio event disrupted by Antifa member wielding a knife.


Jan 30, 2020
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm PST
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