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Day 2: CPAC 2018 Live from Radio Row! w/ Sheriff David Clarke

Feb 22, 2018 @ 7:00 pm - 7:55 pm PST

Sheriff David Clarke, CPAC2018

Day 2 CPAC 2018 Live from Radio Row and some quick on the spot interviews

Dr. Nasir Shaik (sp?) says Left tries to divide us into population segments, but we are ALL Americans first, regardless of where we come from.

Patrice Onwuka representing Independent Women’s Forum talks rape culture and empowering women. #MeToo is important for people who have REALLY been violated. But using the term “rape” incorrectly diminishes the reality of those who have been rape victims. The wage gap is PHONY! There are more factors than sex that must be taken into account.

Sheriff David Clarke says I don’t believe in sugar coating things. Most people already know what I’m saying. Why try and dazzle? Cultural rot is rampant because we’ve gotten away from family and faith. We’ve been hoodwinked into thinking it’s always someone else’s fault and govt can fix it. We’re seeing the cultural effects of that. The word racist is thrown around like sport. If everyone’s a racist, then no one’s a racist. Stop trying to brainwash people. Win the argument on it’s merits.

Kira Innis, a young black American millennial, with CORE: Congress of Racial Equality is reaching out to re-educate millennials. She says, “I’m a unicorn, I should not exist!” LOL. Over the last decade black people have been programmed to listen to everything thru race race race.


Feb 22, 2018
7:00 pm - 7:55 pm PST
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